How do you deal with being inundated with religious suggestions, comments and dialogue on a daily basis?

I feel like since I finally identified myself as an atheist, I've seen countless facebook statuses/comments, forum posts, instagram pics etc full of religious passages or suggestions to "Praise Jesus/Allah" or have "God" in your life. I can't even read a self-help article without some reference to a bible scripture or assertion to have a relationship with "God".  

So, my fellow rational people, what keeps you sane? 

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I see that it's already been said here, but I was going to say that some humor is always a great way to handle these things...along with some confidence and being proud of your non-beliefs. I'm VERY proud of my non-beliefs and don't feel any embarrassment or shame whatsoever from how I feel. I've noticed that this usually makes people back off. I still get an occasional debate as a result, but I don't mind lol. 

I agree that it is vital to your wellbeing to be proud, or at least feel no shame, about being atheist.  If you treat yourself internally like you're just as "righteous" or upstanding as anyone else who holds a more tolerated worldview, it effects how you come off to others and how they treat you in return.  I think there's a line to be crossed with pride, though.  I've interacted with quite a few atheists who cross over into arrogance.

Being an artist who enjoys the fight. 

I'm currently making a film that expresses how its felt being an opinionated atheist. Its one of the best idea's I've ever had and its bringing me a lot of joy. 

I look forward to seeing it. When you release it, PLEASE let me know, I would love to view it. 

General apathy to the whole scheme. Focus on myself and my values, laugh whenever I can, and when I can't, I slaughter things in Skyrim.

Video games - The problem and solution to all of life's problems. 

If I can't be awesome in real life, I might as well pretend to be awesome out of it.

Escapism for the win.

I have learned to practice a little acceptance of the fact that some people are beyond helping.

But how do you know if your life is something to emulate?

I think we need to do what we can, and hope for the best.

First of all, I agree with Gallup's Mirror that humor is a big part of it. However, I also just say, they have their views and are free to post about them, and I have my views and am free to post about them. I share a lot of atheist pictures to my wall, so I don't get mad at others' posts as long as they are not exceptionally stupid, like when people blame horrible tragedies on God punishing the America for being too secular.

Pity, I think. I look at them like those people that had throat cancer or something and still smoke through a hole in their neck. So I think the pity keeps me from madness.


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