This group is kind of dead so I don't know if anyone will answer me but I have been an atheist for a few years now and needless to say I feel so very alone in my beliefs so it's a relief to find a group like this so I can discuss here what I can't discuss in real life.

I would like to know how the members of this group came to break free from their respective religion and what was the main turning point that made them wake up and start questioning the validity of their religion?

Also how do you cope with being an atheist in such a predominantly religious country? Did you tell anyone about your beliefs (or lack thereof) ? If so how did they react and did it affect your relationship with them? 

I wish I can be open about my atheism and not have the constant threat that someone will harm me because I am a non-believer. I wish I can tell my family and my friends how I feel without the fear of them disowning me or abandoning me or worse. 
Do you think there will ever come a day were you can openly express your disbelief here in Egypt without the threat of death hanging over your head?

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I thought so too. I thought that people are finally seeing these Islamists true face but sadly it seems people are as blinded by religion as ever.
I just hope it doesn't get worse.

that's because of ignorance, there will come a day that we will be taken by a secular system and at that time every thing will change

Yea but I wouldn't hold my breath though.
Who knows when that will happen.

so do you know any arab atheistic sites, if not i recommend for you those:

and that channel in youtube it will be helpfull

Wow thanks so much. I couldn't find a lot of websites and this is very helpful.

Thanks Monica :) again this means a lot to me.

Yes it is very difficult but also very important. I don't know if you can marry someone whose beliefs clashes with yours no matter how understanding you both are but maybe it's possible.
I do hope you find someone who has the same concepts about life as you do. I hope we all do or at least I hope you find someone who will understand and respects your beliefs.

Haha imagine if my kid grows up and starts calling me an infidel. Now that would be something xD

every one here has a point of view to religion if there's three close friends each one of them see religion from a different point of view as he feel comfortable with it :D...that is hilarious XD and btw no body appear to what he really is before marriage whoever is she or he

WOW he even promised marriage and kids ? that just goes to shoe that we arabs are such hypocrites. You have a muslim doing all these things that go against Islam and it teaching but he/she does it anyway and is perfectly fine with it but when it comes to pork and alcohol it's worse than murder. Seriously it's ridiculous. It is so bad that even though I am an atheist I don't think I will ever touch either of these things or it will be very hard to and I am not inclined to do it.It is just too deeply integrated in a muslims (or former muslim in my case) brain and I never understood it. Why those two especially ?

But anyway you are very very lucky that you got to see his true colors from the beginning and that it didn't do any further. I am guessing you didn't tell him you were an agnostic then. If this is how he reacts to you drinking a beer. I can't begin to imagine his reaction to that xD

Hmmm I wouldn't have expected him to be OK with you having your own beliefs. Since muslims are only allowed to marry christians and jews any non-believer or someone who has another religion or belief are not accepted.

I have to admit I never thought about it that way. I know about the alcohol it is only logical after all but I never thought pork would be forbidden because of that.
I don't think there was an official reason in the quran for the prohibition of pork ( don't quote me on that) but I thought the accepted reason is that pork is diseased or harmful in some way.

I get your point but it still doesn't make sense why it is more shocking to hear about someone drinking than it is to hear about them doing drugs. Maybe it is just me but people seem more accepting of drugs than alcohol.

Oh and I forgot the third thing that completes the set : gambling. It is one of the big no nos in Islam and I understand why but I think people are a teensy bit over-reacting.

Why do you think drinking and eating pork is much more accepted in Christianity than in Islam even though they are forbidden in both? or is that just a western thing? I don't know I haven't asked any Egyptian Christians about it.

Yea something is messed up with reply link button thingy but you can reply to a previous post and it will sort it out.

I don't know anything about gambling either.I know why it is forbidden and that it is a stupid way to lose money and that it usually snowballs and keeps getting worse and I personally wouldn't gamble but I still think people over react to it. It is such a huge deal here.

The whole drinking vs. drugs thing is right on. There weren't a lot of drugs at the time if any so there was no reason to include it in the Quran but that doesn't change the fact that it IS forbidden yet people act like it is not as big a deal as alcohol because it wasn't explicitly mentioned.

I don't like any of those religions either and I suspect the other religions aren't all that great either they are just not paid as much attention to. I don't like the idea of religion in general. It restricts thought and depends entirely on blind faith. It leaves people very vulnerable to exploitation as you can see happening right now in Egypt. I suspect that is one of the reasons religion developed in the first place or was integrated into it later to help better control the masses -like how in ancient Egypt the pharaoh was the living representative of the gods on earth or something to that effect and he had to be obeyed- as well as of course explain phenomena that people don't understand by ascribing it to some sort of divine being.

Of course it is well known and in fact openly admitted that Islam is based on Christianity and Judaism and that Christianity is based on Judaism and that Judaism is based on whatever was before it with elements picked from here and there occasionally but of course to followers their book is the real uncorrupted one. 

What about the Freemasons? Is this a conspiracy? :D 

Yes Freemasons are real the conspiracy theories about them however are not. I reject conspiracy theories for the same reason I reject God. They don't have real evidence to back them up.

As for aliens I am not a scientist so I wouldn't know but I think it is not outside of the realm of possibility that life exists somewhere else in the universe. Are they as advanced as us? Maybe yes maybe no maybe they are even more advanced than us who knows? As of yet there is no absolute evidence of extraterrestrial life so I am inclined to say it's because there simply isn't life on other planets and said life hasn't visited our planet and I will stand by words until evidence is provided then I will accept it (again like with god).

Akhenaten introduced some form of monotheism to Egypt before Judaism so that's not totally true but I get what you mean.
BTW what do you think monotheism more relevant than polytheism?

Of course you are born into the religion of your culture. That's why it is so hard to break free.

P.S. If I stop replying then I most likely fell asleep. It's really late here but I missed something then I will reply to it in the morning :)

Why do you prefer polytheism? Is it because you prefer the religions that are based on it or because you prefer the idea of polytheism itself?

Spirituality is a loose term. How would you define it?
No there is no such a rule in Islam. It is explicitly stated that you are allowed to kill and eat certain animals for food.
While I would like to be an Idealist and say that not killing anything is a great rule and we should abide to it but I have to be honest with myself I love animals so much but it is sometimes necessary to kill animals for various reasons. 


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