My thirst friends always ask me how I remain happy without God, what I think the meaning of life is and they conclude I should be depressed without God. 
I tell them it's beautiful without God and I am happy because I'm insignificant. I tell them smallness leads me to want to live the best life I can but they can't understand what I mean. It's as If I start speaking Chinese all of the sudden.
Do you guys understand what I mean? I love contemplating my approximate size in relation to planets and stars. It makes me happy.
Am I f****ng crazy or something...? Now that I put it into words it sounds kind of loopy haha.  

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Hahaha second word should be theist. Autocorrect. 

I think I might understand. If, like me, you feel that because you and your problems are insignificant compared to the scale of the universe, it's kind of like the pressure's off in some sense, am I right? I won't be punished for all eternity in a lake of fire for having the wrong beliefs, I'll just be gone. After a few more generations have passed, nobody alive is going to care about what I did or didn't do back in the 2010s. But it also means that the now is important, and it means that our small corner of existence is very important to us and the people we care about, which is why we want to live the best life we can in the time we have.

Your friend says you should be depressed without God?

That’s the equivalent of a North Korean citizen telling us we should be depressed we don’t live under a brutal dictator.

This is one of my favorite lectures from Neil Tyson. He touches on what many people describe as the feeling of smallness when they contemplate their place in the universe, and the spiritual feeling the cosmos gives him.



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