Someone on YouTube said "How do you know that your logic is true? Also, how do you know that there is no God, based on that logic?"

I responded with "How do you know that your bible is true? Also, how do you know there is a god based on that bible?" not expecting a response back.

He responds by saying "What personally convinced me that the Bible is true is it's scientific and prophetic accuracy. For example, it predicted the exact day that Jesus would ride a donkey into Jerusalem, thousands of years in advance. It also predicted the establishment of the new Jewish state of Israel (to the year) thousands of years in advance. There are only two out of dozens that have been fulfilled, and to chaulk it up to coincidence would simply be denial. 

Aside from that, the Bible answers (almost) all of my questions concerning the world today, as well as my concerns about the afterlife. No other book on the planet has such information, but the problem is, people have been taught to believe that it's nothing but an outdated book of myths written by stupid ancient people, therefore they don't read it in it's proper context, which is historical narrative. Yes, it's scientifically as well as historically accurate but it's not a science book. You must have a mature perspective of science and history to understand it's proper context, as well as an open mind. As a former atheist (and extremely skeptical) I had to first open my mind to the possibility of my being wrong and the Bible being true before I could actually look at it for what it really is, the living word of God Himself. There's no other way to explain the information in that book."

I just said "Well as a former Christian who has read the Bible and studied it immensely in my 22 years on this planet, I still have to call bull." because the first example he gave about Jesus riding into Jerusalem is very circular (it is true because the Bible says it is) but the second example he gave about Israel is stumping me. I have heard that before and do not believe it to be true. A lot of things are predicted and fiction and then happen (or we can SAY that these events were predicted but really we're just connecting dots that aren't there).

Where is that verse anyway? I want to know exactly what it says so I can decide for myself what it may or may not predict.

Sorry this was so long.

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Well WTF, I had a nice long essay there this morning and it seems to have disappeared.

I don't have the energy or inclination to try to re-create it.

It's not often I see the words "intelligent" and "Christian" in the same sentence. LOL!!!


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