Posted this on Facebook with the text "No one can read that and not think that science is friggin' awesome," and got the following as a response. I don't know how to respond to this respectfully but informatively (I'm new at this) but I feel like I absolutely have to because this person frequently takes advantage of the "I'm a Christian so I can tell you EXACTLY how I feel but since you're an atheist, stfu!" crap.

"Very interesting, and beautiful! The complexity and awesomeness of science is so thorouhly amazing, that it always brings me back to the Creator of it all......God!! It couldnt just happen, No! It is immensely fantastic, and terrific, so it couldnt just be here...No! I love the beauty and how interesting it is, which always makes me want to be thankful, and I can only thank one Person...God! It all points us to Him! Thanks for hearing me share my piece! I appreciate science deeply! ♥"

I do find it ironic that the very short article even said that this is how life originated in our own system as well and yet she says that it couldn't happen without God. Anyone who believes the Bible cannot possibly "appreciate science." Argh.

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Thank you so much everyone! I tend to get stressed out by these situations and don't know what to say but all of your answers were very helpful. Here's what I said:

"Since you assumed I would hear your piece (and I did) I'm sure you will extend the same courtesy to me. :)

The Bible claims that everything was created approximately 6,000-6,500 years ago. The star in the photo was formed billions of years ago. The light alone that this star emits has taken millions of years to get here merely because of its vast distance from Earth. These facts alone contradict Biblical claims.

With all due respect of course, I believe you're using the words "science" and "nature" interchangeably. Science is finding the cause, nature is, in this case, the effect. When the evidence doesn't support the theory, the theory is thrown out. That is how science works and in that way it is vastly incompatible with faith; faith in its very nature is acceptance without experimental verification.

The issue of it all "just happening" is a different one entirely. The Big Bang theory does not in any sense claim that it came from "nothing," which alone proves that the "God did it" explanation is only being used because of a lack of understanding, despite the fact that it has already been explained. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is much better at explaining the "God did it" concept, so here is a short video in which he does:

Basic debating tactic: concede!

OK, it is reasonable that a supreme intellect created everything.  But, which god? The Judeo-Christian  god? Allah? Some unknown deity?

You'll get some rambling response.

Then point out some inconsistency in the creation myth (easy to do). For example, light was created before the light producing objects see Gen 1:3 & 1:14-19). 

"If the Bible is needed to understand science, how do you explain this?"

The person will deflect the question quicker than a politician on "meet the press".

Return to that point, "But, I want to know.  How was there light before the sun?"

A person wants to treat the Bible as a credible resource.  Indulge them.  Sincerely ask them about a Biblical inconstancy.

 I love this personally. It's sport. I don't search it out but....

Once I got a guy who was proselyting me to run away in panic.

That was cool.

That is such an awesome tactic and I never would have even though of that! Things tend to fly RIGHT over her head though which makes me wonder if maybe she'd simply think I was agreeing with her...

And the fact that a guy ran away from you is absolutely hilarious! My day is made.


I really need to add a bit more.

Non-theists simply approach debating believers the wrong way.

"Oh, I have to get this person to appreciate the value of science & reason.

Screw that, just have fun.

Don't be a teacher (as many as these replies suggest). Be a student. Be a person who WANTS to understand. Hell. practice a bit of subterfuge: be a person that WANTS to believe. You just have a couple of questions about inconsistencies.....

If someone approaches me to proselytize, I toy with 'em,  Play with their head. 

I agree a lot with that. "You can't reason a person out of a situation they didn't reason themselves into," right?

And this seems like a really good way to keep things from getting stressful/overly annoying, lol.

I got a lady to, apparently, be chastised by her own Christian cronies over her statements to me on FB.  She was caught acting like an ass in the name of Jesus.  I didn't regret anything I had to say. Ok, well maybe I didn't need to say that I'd rather gouge out my own eyeballs than watch the blithering videos to which she gave me links, but that could happen to anybody!

People like that base their worldview on the surface belief that everything has a creator, but in fact they are saying that everything but one thing has a creator, that one exception being God. Their worldview is based on an exception.

People who criticize a science-based view of creation seem to caricature science as believing that the universe came out of nothing. This is a very naive and ignorant characterization of what the current view is. For one thing, not understanding what caused the universe isn't exactly the same thing as the positive assertion that "it came out of nothing."

Science seems to indicate that if you run the current expanding state of the universe backward in time, it will end up at something called a "singularity." How that singularity happened can, given our current state of knowledge, be a matter for speculation and not much more.

Believers in the age of science promote what some call "the god of the gaps." In other words, if something can't be explained, then God must be responsible there." Eventually, there won't be many gaps left, if any.

I know what you mean, and I wish I knew how to combat that. Unfortunately those same people lack the understanding to comprehend the simple things like the difference between a theory and a hypothesis.

And yes, the "ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance." One day! It'd be awesome to live to see the day when that pocket disappears entirely but I doubt we will.

Ask them WHY God created some 30 billion trillion stars observable in our visible universe, not including planets? Surely he must have had SOME reason to create these objects that for the most part probably don't even exist anymore, and for us will forever be but a speck in a high powered telescope. Oh and not to forget the massive percentage of the universe we can't even observe...

Exactly! It seems a bit arrogant to me to assume that this remote speck of dust is where everything "important" resides.

The proper follow up questions are: Who made God? Because if everything must have been created, who created the creator?

Can you independently prove God exists without referencing a 1600 year old dusty tome?

If God did make everything, why did he put us on a planet that would kill us 95% of the time? Is he a sadist as well? 70% of the planet will drown you. For working in mysterious ways, he is mysteriously genocidal. (last bit taken from Neil deGrasse Tyson)


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