How do I get rid of this?  Image of dancing man with "i think atheist"

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Lay off the illicit drugs?
Reggie: an image of some dude in a suit and hat, who appears to be doing a russian dance, has appeared on every TA page I open, it is in the middle left of the screen, and makes reading pages extremely irritating. Do you have any Idea where it came from, and how I can get rid of it?
I don't think you can remove that. It was just added the other day and shows up on all pages for me as well.
on my screen it way over to the left and doesn't interfere with reading....but, I also have a large monitor. Make your window bigger and it fixes the problem. Maybe someone will fix the coding glitch later.
My screen resolution is optimized for my 58 year old eyes, any changes are detrimental to my ability to read the damn thing!
Ah, I did not realize he was dancing into the middle of your pages. I have had that issue with other things on my mobile phone before. I presume only Morgan can make the dude go away.
Thanks Reggie, I've sent a message to Morgan, maybe he will take pity on me.
If you click on the little dancing dude, you will be taken to billboard. Tell them to cut is out.
I'm having the same issue. Smaller monitor with 1024x768 resolution. This leaves him overlapping text on the left edge at times.
Doug I'm sorry to hear of the dilema; anyhow it looks like the leprechaun has disappeared.

But thanks for the inspiration, just yesterday I did a print screen of the well dressed dude apparently versed in Russian dancing. It was OK on my larger screen (56cm), he was much further to the 'LEFT' (but he wasn't RED) and didn't impede the reading of the rhetoric and waxing lyricals. So who was he? First think atheist on the moon!

Sorry about that everyone. I removed it. If you have any other problems please let me know.

Thanks, Morgan!


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