So I am new to the site and have been looking to learn and share ideas with others that share my beliefs. I have been researching religion and coming to terms with my new beliefs for a while now and am having trouble telling family and friends about my new or recently accepted beliefs. My wife and her whole family is very religious. Her mom is actually a bible thumper always on a soap box trying to change everyone. In my experience Christians do not take well to people who simply don't believe. I myself have heard many Christians ask for people to pray for others who are filled with the devil just because they do not go to church or maybe go to a different type of Christian church. My question is have some of you expressed your views to people like this and if so how did you do it and what were their reactions? Thanks. 

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thats sad on many levels
I'm not sure, I guess it comes down to how you view your relationship. I guess its been easy for me as I have a very supportive family. But after a certain age where one gains the ability to realise what they should and should not be ashamed for, that they would owe their loved ones the sad truth over the happy lie (sad to them, not you).

Obviously its your own business, your to disclose with who you will.
That is very sad. I like to think that most of my family my dads side anyway would just say cool. I didn't really know them much growing up but now that I'm older they seem very much closer to my wavelength than my moms side. 
I don't think I ever had an official "coming out."  Does one get a party for that?  One should...  Anyway, I have just never pretended to believe.  If someone asks, I am honest.  I get prayed for a lot.  I think what it comes down to is that I am who I am.  I've been an atheist a long time, and that discovery within myself didn't really change my already-acquired personality quirks or other belief systems (environmentalism, equal human rights, etc.).  I'm still sarcastic and altruistic.  I still worship my family.  I still like to go running and read (a lot).  I like green tea with honey in the mornings-- still.  I guess if someone chooses to judge me for my atheism alone, I feel very sad for them.  So far, even my most religious acquaintances still love me just fine.  It's only as big a deal as you make it.  Still, I'm all for a party. 
I am not a diplomatic atheist at all. If the topic of religion comes up, I state plainly that I no longer believe in Santa Claus OR god. Usually people clam up quickly when I state things so plainly. It's actually been years since anyone pursued the topic with me. As far as the last person who did pursue the topic, I told him to drop it or expect to never hear from me again. That was about 6 years ago and we haven't conversed since.
I told people at work I am an atheist it felt so good I came home and told my wife. Lol. She's not happy about it but she is neither mad. So it's a win win. Thanks everyone.


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