So I am new to the site and have been looking to learn and share ideas with others that share my beliefs. I have been researching religion and coming to terms with my new beliefs for a while now and am having trouble telling family and friends about my new or recently accepted beliefs. My wife and her whole family is very religious. Her mom is actually a bible thumper always on a soap box trying to change everyone. In my experience Christians do not take well to people who simply don't believe. I myself have heard many Christians ask for people to pray for others who are filled with the devil just because they do not go to church or maybe go to a different type of Christian church. My question is have some of you expressed your views to people like this and if so how did you do it and what were their reactions? Thanks. 

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I certainly do not hide my atheism but I only tell people of my atheism if they ask or if it's relevant. If they ask me why I'm an atheist I respond with the only reason that really matters: there is no evidence in favor of god. I stick to informing people about what atheism is and dispelling stereotypes and myths about atheism. I never argue with people (except very rare occasions) or try to actively convince other people that they are wrong and that they should be atheists. People are going to believe what they are going to believe until they decide to change or discontinue that belief for themselves. I have gotten very few negative reactions, I much prefer to focus on what I agree with another person on and work from there.
I honestly have to admit I have pretty much hid the fact that I am an atheist to most everyone that I am close to. Mostly it's because most Christians can not wrap their minds around how someone could think for themselves and come up with the idea that there is no god. Most of the reactions I have gotten have been negative. Although I must say my fellow Marines regardless of their religious views have been generally open. I attribute that to our bond being stronger than most and that religion doesn't matter as much when your getting shot at. Haha.
There is another way of looking at it. Rather than telling people what you belief you could tell them what you don’t believe. Then you have nothing to prove. That is you don’t need to prove something you don’t believe (in). The onus of proof is on the people who make the positive assertion that there is a god. Ask them not just what they believe but also why they believe what they profess to believe. If they start to slander you just say you will turn the other cheek. Tell them you prefer not to cast the first stone in a debate.

Generally I don’t mention that I don’t believe in any of the hundreds of gods unless there is preaching going on. And then I only challenge what they are claiming. Atheism is not a way of life. I just don’t believe in any god that’s all. It is only a big deal to theists who knew you as a believer because they are compelled to try to understand you especially when they see you are happier and more contend than before (lack of fear). If they question you calmly and in private they are looking for answers to their own doubts so answer them calmly. If they start to shout at you in front of others answer them calmly too. Ask why they are shouting. If they say (they will) they find what you say offensive apologize and ask for their forgiveness.
That is a good idea. But they always seem to say the proof is in there faith. I actually asked my friend the other after she said that. "What if I had faith that I could fly and i jumped off a cliff?" the said "that doesn't make any sense". I said "exactly" and walked away. Haha. Felt good although I haven't talked to her since, but oh well. 
That's actually how I have been breaking it slowly to my wife. I point out crazy stuff in the bible and then research it. And then I also have been comparing certain parts of the bible to other older religions and known myths (Aka Zeus, and othe Greek and roman myths). There are amazing similarities between older religions than Christianity and chritianity itself. Some actually seems to be lifted word for word. I am moving beyond the hiding and keeping it to myself phase though. I kinda want to be just left alone. However I know even when everyone knows someone will want to save me. I see it as them just taking my money and wasting my Sunday. Lol

I am lucky enough to be from a part of the world where non-theism is the norm rather than the exception. I guess I didn't find religion in my late pre teens after having read the Ædda and could not really see the difference from the Bible - they were both just books filled with stories and our forefathers attempting to come to grip with some moral deliberations.

When I was 14 I chose a humanist confirmation instead of a Protestant - and my dad refused to pay for a confirmation party. However, my (then) 92 year old grand uncle gave me 10 times more than he had my older sisters along with the most cherished gift I have ever recieved - a card where he wrote "I don't agree with your choice, but I applaud that you think for yourself."

In much of the world being an atheist/agnostic carries no stigma, and I would advise you to think about living on one of those corners for a while if you can.

Where are you from? Sounds wonderful. 

Scandinavia - the law of Jante is stronger than the word of God.

We freak out about as much when there's public display of religion as Americans do over nippleslips during Superbowl ;)

Take a cookie before you go.
Haha. I think I will try that on people that come to my door. Although I have had some fun conversations with Mormons. If talking to them doesn't make someone an doubt god I don't know what would. 
Be careful how you tell your wife. My wife is religious and hasn't ever "forgiven" me for not believing like her. She let me know how disappointed in me she is. But on the upside no one ever asks me to say a blessing anymore.
I am hoping my wife will take it well. I actually hope she will take the time and listen and maybe see my pov. I'm hoping shell see nothings changed and that I am still the coolest guy she ever met. I'm just happier and have more time to do meaningful things on the weekends. 


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