In the fall of 2009 I googled for information on Gobekli Tepe.  It happens to be one of the oldest monuments/structures of civilization ever found, and news of it really shook the foundations of anthropology.  One of the top listings was a great blog about what the Gobekli Tepe site meant in terms of the history of civilization and religion.  In the comments section the ideas were flying back and forth and I wanted in to the discussion so I created an account on the site.  That site was this site,!  Now, a year and a half later, I'm a very active member.


So, how did YOU come to find ThinkAtheist?

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I have favorite members whom I will watch closely for new posts/replies, but I really enjoy the little rhetorical gems that seem to pop up at random from much less conspicuous members from time to time.

I found think atheist to be refreshing with a pleasant minty aftertaste.


I used to frequently post on  One of the forums on the site is just for politics, so religion was mentioned frequently (generally in a negative way).  Along comes a Christian with no connection to rock climbing whatsoever, wanting to jump in to enlighten us about his religion.  I googled his username to see if he just wandered the weblands looking for atheists to chat up, which quickly led me here.

Was that Kevin Harris by any chance?
I had to look it up.  It was Roger Pearse.  He had a very short stint here before losing interest.
Sweet, you're a climber?
Kinda.  I used to be somewhat strong, but now I'm a bit fatter and a whole lot lazier.  Don't get out near as much as I used to.
I used to be a climber until I broke my left hand - sorta fucks that activity big time, never did get back into it.
I'm an avid addict.
I switched to skydiving - going with gravity is much easier, :D
I StumbledUpon it.
Stumbleupon. As soon as I started clicking thru this site, I Knew I had a home.
I seem to recall stumbling upon TA. I was doing a google search on something (couldn't tell you what at this point), and TA was one of the results. Started reading and I was hooked! :)


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