In the fall of 2009 I googled for information on Gobekli Tepe.  It happens to be one of the oldest monuments/structures of civilization ever found, and news of it really shook the foundations of anthropology.  One of the top listings was a great blog about what the Gobekli Tepe site meant in terms of the history of civilization and religion.  In the comments section the ideas were flying back and forth and I wanted in to the discussion so I created an account on the site.  That site was this site,!  Now, a year and a half later, I'm a very active member.


So, how did YOU come to find ThinkAtheist?

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I think I got here through Facebook, actually. 

Google Search

It was either the Richard Dawkins Foundation or StumbleUpOn that made me find this site. At some point I wanted to take part in a discussion and I signed up for it.

They kept pestering me, I cannot help my charm ;)

I entered into a search engine a request for the most vacuous lack of tangible substance in the realm of atheistic propaganda and it zeroed in upon thine own smiling face.

I'll take that as an admission that in all of academia there isn't a single scholar that supports your nonsense.  Did you really think that sitting around just grokking your best was going to reveal to you wisdom beyond those of us who are well read?  Do you even have any shame at just how ignorant you've revealed yourself to be?  17 years of online apologetics and you have no idea what a deist or a doublet might be?  So sad.

Oh, no.

In all academia for all you stand against there is not a single voice on my side that can support your claims nor my own?

In all academia you must adhere to those that support your own and those you must respect?

I stand alone in the potters field of academia for hire under your watchful eye?

Generate for me one semblance of original thought against your own master which you would not yourself greedily prescribe and adhere to for a pittance and you can stand with me in the smoldering ruins.

Fuck academia.

You sound exactly like Paul Ryan when he said the intellectuals would never support his views.  LOL.

I was surrounded by Catholics and and decided to follow a bunch of Atheists on Twitter. The two that were instrumental for me becoming a member was TA itself and Cara Coleen. I always enjoyed their tweets and figured I might find more of that stimulation here.

 I like Heather Spoonheim's work on TA as well. A fan really as I am a handful of people that I've met here. Heather If I ever end up in Canada lets get a beer. ;)

Twitter! :)

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