In the fall of 2009 I googled for information on Gobekli Tepe.  It happens to be one of the oldest monuments/structures of civilization ever found, and news of it really shook the foundations of anthropology.  One of the top listings was a great blog about what the Gobekli Tepe site meant in terms of the history of civilization and religion.  In the comments section the ideas were flying back and forth and I wanted in to the discussion so I created an account on the site.  That site was this site,!  Now, a year and a half later, I'm a very active member.


So, how did YOU come to find ThinkAtheist?

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Somebody who I met at another atheist website told me about this one. I asked him if they allowed theists and when he told me yes, I told him I was not interested in a bunch of pointless aruging. I can't remember now what finally made me decide to give it a try, but it was probably just so I could see his posts.


Once I started reading here, I liked it much more than my other regular forum I was on. It seemed to be much more active and the subjects were more interesting. I've not found anything comparable since.

Random google search, I cannot remember what for.
I have also found it through Stumbleupon. Haven't really explored it yet, but I plan to as soon as I have some more free time.
I didn't find it, it found me.
It was a calling for you?
Only crazy people hear voices. I'm not crazy.

It found me when I searched google. I wasn't looking for a comunity, just researching to learn more and when the link showed a social network I was like "YAHEAHHA" literally all capital.
I followed Sam Harris on twitter, and I believe Monica came up also as a follower of Sam Harris too, and then I followed her, and the rest is history. So yea, Monica's fault basically.

TA was recommended by my younger daughter...she's a member - after I revealed I was struggling with faith.    A close friend told me she couldn't do without her catholic faith - admitting indoctrination by her parents.  I couldn't do without TA and its sanity.


Digressing here - thank you Heather S for answering a previous post and your understanding.  It made me feel I was a member here....

I'm really glad to hear that.  I've found a great little internet home/family here as well.

I looked at a few sites and settled on this one because the first discussion was satirical and intelligent.  See also this utube. From 1:36 is enough.

Last month, a friend of mine posted a link to a blog article here on Think Atheist, Bill Nye Boo'd In Texas For Saying The Moon Reflects The Sun, which I came to read (and be disgusted by the silly behavior of christians once again, i admit). But on the 1st page of comments someone noted that the article was 3 years old (and this blog post was from 2009). Which led me to finding this: Reporter of Bill Nye, Moonbat story speaks, which concludes with this most appropriate quote:


For Skeptics, it's not just an example of this kind of conditioning that allows people to close themselves off from any contrary evidence to their views, no matter how obvious and common sensical, but how, in the Internet age, stories take on a life of their own and are more likely to catch fire because they are cast in their most sensationalistic light.


Then, being an atheist and now curious about what Think Atheist was all about, I started poking around and saw that people were talking about all kinds of fascinating things here, and actually discussing things instead of the usual "cri moar noob" kind of crap. So I joined up and I'm really happy to have found this site because, as an atheist/vegetarian/liberal, I feel pretty isolated here in Texas. Plus I'm an introvert anyway, so it's hard to meet new people even if they were more like me. It's just really cool to hear the "voices" of so many other rational people. And just regular people, not celebrities like Harris and Dawkins et al, but just people from all over trying to stay reasonable in a crazy world.



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