In the fall of 2009 I googled for information on Gobekli Tepe.  It happens to be one of the oldest monuments/structures of civilization ever found, and news of it really shook the foundations of anthropology.  One of the top listings was a great blog about what the Gobekli Tepe site meant in terms of the history of civilization and religion.  In the comments section the ideas were flying back and forth and I wanted in to the discussion so I created an account on the site.  That site was this site,!  Now, a year and a half later, I'm a very active member.


So, how did YOU come to find ThinkAtheist?

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A google search for Nashville atheists

I find it So stange  for me ..


penn jillette mentioned it on his penn point series. i know he showed the homepage for it.
I <3 Penn so much.
I Stumbled Upon this place when there were about 200 members.
I lurked, but didn't join until there were about 600.
I was one of the first original mods and I am insanely proud of that fact.
Community rocks!
You rock!
I <3 Bill Nye

I think I found the site by google. I like searching up religious arguments and christianity terms to develop a better understanding.

         I followed the pancakes.

A link from PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula.  I toggle between TA and PZ.  Any other forums I follow frown upon political or religious threads or posts (renewable energy forums mostly).



Have a peek.




Where is my comment like button?
My friend Jewelz said this would be a great site to meet like minded people and that the posts were really interesting to read. I've been more of a lurker than a poster, but I really do enjoy what I see here!



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