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Thanks for calling yourself a dick, you're a gentleman, you didn't have to.  If I understand correctly, your point is that if we want to avoid the pain of life, then a simple solution is just to check out early, when we feel we've had enough pain.  (I'm not sure you're being entirely serious.)  I would say that this would be a grossly criminal waste of our precious life - a cowardly surrender, giving up all potential for happiness, pleasure and joy, just so as to save ourselves some pain.  That goes against every instinct in our DNA.  Organisms which use DNA (i.e. all organisms) have evolved, among other properties, the instinct to survive at almost any cost.  DNA laughs at our pain, and keeps us bravely marching on, hoping that things might get better, until we drop dead.  I believe that this instinct is at the very core of every living thing, especially animals. 

Dying itself is probably not painful at all.  We know of many cases when people have died peacefully without showing any pain.  Lucky them.  However I think Doug is referring to dying slowly of a long lingering painful illness:  in which case the process of dying itself is long and unremittingly painful, and death is a welcome relief.  So in that case he would prefer to be finished off early, quietly and happily like any terminally-suffering cat at the vet's.  Yay!  Who wouldn't?  Gimme some of that cat stuff.  There's one person only who I would take responsibility for in that way.  Nobody else.  It does seem strange that a normal cat gets the 4-star blissful death as a matter of course, while many humans are condemned to months or years of Hell on Earth when their time comes.  Well I'm going to pull all the strings I can if I get in that situation.  I know people who know people and my people would sort me out.  Assuming they're still alive.  Dammit, there's no way I'm ending up like that.

"If I understand correctly, your point is that if we want to avoid the pain of life, then a simple solution is just to check out early, when we feel we've had enough pain.  (I'm not sure you're being entirely serious.)"

No you do not understand correctly. I was only talking about Doug who implied that he wants to kill himself to avoid a painful death.

As I stated in my first comment I do not oppose the Idea of Euthanasia.

All I wanted to do was make fun of Doug. Why do you keep forcing me to explain myself?


It's like this: a person walking down a path comes up to a small creek and not wanting to get wet the person goes around the long way to avoid getting wet.... myself over in the distance witness this person and I begin to form an opinion and being who I am proceed to shout my opinion "JUST GO THROUGH THE FUCKING CREEK YOU PUSSY!"

Now do you get it?

Oh Danny boy: I didn't say I wanted to avoid pain, I said agony, I live with pain every day, and besides Oxicontin makes me sick and nothing works as an analgesic I'm allergic to all of the opioids, and the NSAIDs are destroying my kidneys.

I apologize Doug I was only trying to make a smart ass remark and poke fun at you. And I'm sorry you are allergic to opioids. They are my favorite drugs. If I wasn't interested in keeping my job and paying my bills I would totally be a junkie.

Well, I hope so.  When my time comes I would be happy to cross anything up to the size of a big calm river, and would expect a certain amount of pain and disastrous horribleness.  If I was expected to struggle for months to cross a raging torrent, just so I could die - then I would refuse: I would just shoot myself on the bank. 

Lighten up Simon! If there is a raging torrent it was probably caused by your tears. Don't take my comments so seriously I'm a dick remember? Maybe you should ask your shrink to increase the dosage of your happy pills.

But that's why I'm crying ... I've lost my happy pills...

My stepmom says "I"m not afraid of *being* dead, but I'm afraid of *getting* dead".  She's a Christian, but I think it can apply to anyone who believes (or doesn't believe) anything.  It's always how I felt, but now that I'm not sure there is an afterlife, I'm a little more afraid of the being dead part.  Just because it's hard to get used to the idea that you won't be around forever, and this is it.  Some days I'm ok with that, and other days I'm not.  It's a process.

I remember I was watching an interview with Penn Teller on Piers Morgan and he said something, but maybe he got it from someone else, but it sums up pretty nicely  what i think about death.  Something like "what were you feeling like in the year 1755?"  "Nothing, right?" That's kind of my feeling on it, an indescribable feeling of nothingness, so why worry about it.  There is no pain or emotion at all.  

I like to think sometimes though that there is some sort of afterlife, but still there's no point in worrying, just focus on the present.

Teller's no mere assistant! That guy is really interesting, too, if you ever hear him being interviewed (rarely), and he is also very much an atheist and skeptic. His first name is Raymond. That's a pairing of two equals as magicians, their stage act being that they're a loud bombastic guy with a silent partner.

Stupid mistake lol, i'll have to check out the channel.  Their TV series called Bullshit! is pretty good as well.  

Piers was a real asshole to Penn in that... then again Piers is a total douchebag who works for Fox, so go figure...


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