How did god give freewill to humans and yet believers and the bible state god has a plan for everybody?

How did god give freewill to humans and yet believers and the bible state god has a plan for everybody?

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God-given free will isn't so much of a problem unless you try to combine it with that ever present "divine plan".
The paradox is then obvious; it's not really free will if every choice we make is inherently a part of the plan.

The real question is: Can human will derail God's plan or change God's future? If not, than there is no free will. (Or there is no divine plan)

Also, it says something about the character of God that actions contrary to our plans fall upon our shoulders but actions contrary to his plans are forbidden to the point of impossibility. We here on earth call that tyrannical dictatorship.
you have the freewill to choose His plan or not. PEACE!!!!!!

Don't you know better than to ask for a rational explanation for things written in the Bible? This is a question I would expect to see on a Christian forum; not an atheist forum. Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick question? lol


In any case, if you want to know how I believe Christians rationalize this, it goes something like this: God works in mysterious ways.  

Yes, “God works in mysterious ways” seems to be the way that Christians explain the unexplainable. 




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