How did god give freewill to humans and yet believers and the bible state god has a plan for everybody?

How did god give freewill to humans and yet believers and the bible state god has a plan for everybody?

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Doone is right. But Gina I am sure you know it all makes perfect sense when you look at it and say its all BULLSHIT!
yeah.. there's no god anyway... it doesn't make sense.. so god has plan for these people get struck by tsunami, it's like god is playing a computer game, ok that's a really mean god, or a god that doesn't have anything to do, and just create people for fun? i hate that kind of god, i wouldn't want to be a friend of them if there's a person like that..
You are right. I guess its better for us to focus in ourself than God. As its not understandable to everyone.
Freewill is a state mind. The mind thinks he exist, and when a mind thinks as a different being than others its conscious level is not expanded. In this state as it thinks that he exist all by himself, in a certain situation, it feels that the decision it is making belongs to it. And he is responsible for it, mostly it feels that it has a capability to make choices. But when the choice happens it brings good reactions or bad reactions. So in terms of good reactions it feels happy and try to claim the credit, and in terms of bad reactions it feels shamed. And this is called the pathetic us. But what I meant to say is, choices shapes our life. Whoever is reading this you can look back in your life and think about all the choices you have ever made. And today you are here, in this condition because of those choices. I will tell you about things more if you ask. But about this topic, if you think God like higher energy then remember energy is the doer, not us or the pathetic mind that claims that he exist. Take care
I generally look at free will and God like this...

Now God is supposedly an all knowing (past, present, and future).

Now how can a being that can see into the future and knows all that shall happen also posses free will. And if this being has no knowledge of free will how can it possibly create free will.

Its like this....

1. God has an apple.
2. God can either eat the apple or not eat the apple. (we are assuming this because that is what you generally do with an apple).
3. Now because God knows the future God knows that he/she will eat the apple.
4. So God eats the apple.
5. God cannot not eat the apple because he/she had foreseen themselves eating the apple.
Well if we take your argument in statement 2 and apply it to statement 1 then God cannot have both options by simply splitting the universe, because God is "outside of space and time". Which means that he/she exists just the same for both universes. Space and time would only be relevant to the universes. They alone would have their own space and time but God would have none...making God unable to do both. Unless of course God created another one of him/herself.

To statement 3....I think therefore I am.

4. I assume you are talking about the bible? Well as far as the bible goes to prove cant. You cannot use an unproven to prove an unproven.
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...

What if I'm God...
The most simple answer to your question is this: God is a crock of shit.
haha :)
The institution of religion was specifically designed (in every culture) to keep the "holy ones" in power and the poor from killing the rich•
By assuring the population that this life and its suffering was the preceuiser to eternal bliss, it kept the population in check. Further, the statment that it's all part of the plan • made people more aware of their own actions towards good, but rationalized any behavior of the authority further controlled the minds and actions of the general population. Freewill is what you choose if you do bad.vs. God's will was if you behaved. While a great plan, there is one flaw: forced love isn't love; it's rape.
If you try to rationalize freewill and God's plan, it becomes a perfect paradox. (this why you shouldn't question. Leave those troubling thoughts to clergy. They will take this burden for you and keep you on track.)

-Sorry if this seems a bit messy. It's written from my iPhone and my auto correct is insane. It keeps uncorrecting for me!

1• Nepolean
2• The Joker
God given freewill is bullshit. Why? Because it isn't freewill, it's coersion. Nothing more, nothing less.
This varies based on who you talk to.

First of all- All beliefs in Christianity can't be boiled down and condensed to truly held convictions for the whole group of people who call themselves "Believers".

As it is some believe in the plan for everyone..and some believe in a more deistic view of who is hands off (very popular view of God in America) and if you mix that with a society that values autonomy you will get a free will that is unaccountable and also predestined.

And some believe any other gobs of personal theologies.

Personally I believe God does know everything that happens before it happens, not because he/she (God also transcends our understandings of gender and I therefore don't feel it necessary to just call God a he) has set it to be so...or "pre-destined" it but because God is in and out of time and transcends our understanding of time. I do believe God has given us free will, and how wonderful what good is it to follow someone if you've no choice but to do so? That's comparable to brainwashing!

So I guess the best answer to your question is that it's complicated..and we all have to find a way to best understand the complicated nature of life and God.

But if you've ever been present to witness someone die or be born I am sure the miracle of the life and death cycle would speak more loudly to you then personal theologies loosely based on who knows what. God is real. If anyone is having problems feeling his/her presence you need only pray. As Matthew 7:7 states: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking. Good luck fellow travelers on the oftentimes confusing path that is life. God's blessings and peace be with whoever reads these words.


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