I've run across ex-atheists at various online sites; not many but a few. I just can't believe they ever were really atheists to begin with. How does somebody go about unembracing reason? It just doesn't add up. I get the feeling that a certain percentage of ex-atheists are actually Christian frauds using pseudonyms to give testimonies of fake reconversions.

What do you think? Can a real atheist really reconvert to Christianity? How?

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I know that Anthony Flew abandoned atheism but don't recall if he re-embraced a religion. Guess I'll look it up. :-)

Okay, found this on Wikipedia:

Flew was a strong advocate of atheism, arguing that one should presuppose atheism until empirical evidence of a God surfaces. He also criticised the idea of life after death,[3] the free will defence to the problem of evil, and the meaningfulness of the concept of God.[4] However, in 2004 he stated an allegiance to deism, more specifically a belief in the Aristotelian God, stating that in keeping his lifelong commitment to go where the evidence leads, he now believes in the existence of God.[5] He later wrote the book There is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind, with contributions from Roy Abraham Varghese. This book (and Flew's conversion itself) has been the subject of controversy, following an article in the New York Times magazine alleging that Flew had mentally declined, and that Varghese was the primary author.[6] The matter remains contentious, with some commentators including PZ Myers and Richard Carrier supporting the allegations, and others, including Flew himself,[7] opposing them.

Societal pressures and family ties can often cause a lapse of judgement, sometimes it just seems easier to give up the grandeur of reality for the acceptable safety net of religious acceptance.

Or, putting aside my $10 words: My family once stressed me out so much that I was willing to try and believe in a god again. It lasted about a year.

I think deep down a lot of people (regardless of once being agnostic or an atheist) know its all bullshit. They just know its easier not to fight the social pressure. 

Theist surgeons performed a number of invasive brain surgeries on the subjects in question. This was followed  by the use of several horribly addicting narcotics, which thoroughly broke the subjects' wills. Once they were weak and needy, the ideas of a particular dogma were beaten into them as they were purged of their addictions, and they were tumbled back into society as "Reformed" Atheists.

Or, you know...they lost their balls/spine and flipflopped back.

The few that I have run across in the short time  since my deconversion weren't ever really atheists, they were unbelievers. What I mean is that they never really intellectually came to the conclusion that no gods exist, they simply hadn't embraced one. They called themselves atheists because they had no other label to give themselves. 

@Scott...The lack of labeling is where I think  people like Kirk Cameron come from. 

I think most of those people are basically "plants" as you suggest.  But I have also met people that simply came from a family where there were not a part of a faith community, then they discovered religion, and they self identified as a "former atheist".  I tried to set them straight that they were not using the term correctly.  But I got the sense that they did not care if they were misusing the term, since it seemed to give them extra status among their religious peers.

My brother was once a former atheist, but he gave up the Xianity he picked up in high school.  So he was once a former atheist and is now a former Xian.

I think you are correct in saying that some of them are probably fundamentalists who never said the words “I am an Atheist” to themselves. I am sure like most people they had doubts about their faith at some point but “found” it again. They recall that period as the time when they were Atheists. Of course as most of us know the average Theist misunderstands what Atheism is. They consider it a lack of faith rather than a lack of belief. They have Evidence for god where we only see Argument for god.

I recently met a born again who claimed he was an Atheist for years. I asked him what evidence he found to make him change his mind. Yes, you guessed it already – he prayed “sincerely” to Jesus and the gift of the spirit then entered his heart – yada yada yada. It turns out the bible was right all along – he just had not been reading it properly. Imagine that!! He could then no longer deny the FACT that god existed.

I attempted to challenge him on a few points but he was too far gone to hold a rational conversation. I said Atheists do not deny the existence of god, they just don’t believe one exists. I was then accused of playing with words in order to confuse him. I later discovered this was the plan all Atheists have because we refuse to walk in the light. So to me he was never an Atheist. He is just another Theist lost in his subjective delusion.

I don’t think it is possible for an Atheist to become a theist. If that was the case someone could claim to have been an Atheist say six times in their life and not just once. It would make the same sense to me – none. I don’t believe in the existence of any god because there is no evidence to suggest there are any. That is what makes me an Atheist. It is impossible for me to start believing in something I don’t believe in without evidence. As you say I can’t let go of my reason for something that is without reason. It does not add up.

Ok, I think we should start petitioning for a like button on posts. lol

That aside, Reg, I think you hit the nail on the head. 

My original question was a bit ambiguous since I didn't specify just what "atheist" means to me. To me, a "true" atheist is one who renounces God and all things supernatural and has reasoned-out why these things are false.

I realize this is more than is required by a dictionary definition. Perhaps I should have specified "solid" atheist . . .


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