i was talking about the existence of Jesus Christ, is he real? why should i believe him? where is he now?

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Let's follow the advice of Samuel Taylor Coleridge for moment (from his treatise on how to enjoy fiction), suspend our disbelief, and say that he does - he has a lot to answer for.

This, from my friend Onyango, from his site, Random Thoughts:

A VERY powerful film, and well worth 75 minutes! The most memorable line in the film, for me, was, "God is not good. We pray to him, not because he is good, but because he is on our side."

OK - tossed my cookies (not a metaphor Blaine, my computer cookies) and now all of my TA features are fully functional again! Yay!

Yes, He said earthquakes... - Jon
Ladies, it's OK - you can dress as immodestly as you like - I can live with a few earthquakes --

OK everyone Hang ON!

Get your mind out of my gutter!

You don't smoke, do you?


Boobquake, which took place on April 26, 2010, was devised by Jennifer McCreight, a blogger who was then a senior in the Purdue University College of Science, in response to news reports that Iran's Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi had blamed women who dress immodestly for causing earthquakes. On April 19, it was reported that Seddiqi advised his listeners that "Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes" and Iranians should "adapt their lives to Islam's moral codes" to avoid being "buried under the rubble".

The day that Seddiqi's comments were reported, McCreight encouraged her blog's readers to help her poke fun at Seddiqi by dressing "in your immodest clothing to represent Boobquake", an invitation then extended to the world via Facebook. She described Boobquake as a scientific experiment: "With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake. If not, I'm sure Sedighi can come up with a rational explanation for why the ground didn't rumble."

One year prior to Boobquake, McCreight had begun keeping a blog in which she describes herself as an atheist and a feminist. On April 19, McCreight announced a protest against Seddiqi's comments on her blog, asking for participants to avoid "hateful or anti-Muslim or anti-Iranian messages".

An estimated total of 200,000 people participated in Boobquake on April 26, 2010. The so-called "epicenter" of Boobquake was a light-hearted two-hour gathering at 1:00 pm at the Purdue Bell Tower in West Lafayette, Indiana. Participants' attire included push-up bras, unbuttoned shirts, short dresses, as well as other "racy costumes" and "risqué clothing". They also held signs with slogans such as "Cleavage for Science", "Amnesty", and "God hates Boobs". Purdue's student newspaper reported that the female participants were outnumbered by male spectators.

Washington, D.C.'s Dupont Circle was the site of another gathering at noon. The Washington gathering was attended by a dozen women and drew the attention of BBC Persia.

Other notable gatherings were reported in New York City[20] and Vancouver.[12] In Vancouver, it was reported that most attendees at the event were hundreds of men using camera phones to take pictures, especially of a small number of women who were topless.

That morning, at 10:59 am (2:59 am GMT or 10:59 pm on April 25, Indiana time), a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck 195 miles off the coast of Taitung, Taiwan, at a depth of 6.2 miles. Upon hearing of this, McCreight said that it alone was not statistically significant, but that she would continue to monitor seismic activity for the next 24 hours.[15] Other participants mentioned that the earthquake in Taiwan occurred early in the morning, prior to the official start of the experiment.

After April 26 had ended in all time zones, McCreight began to conduct rigorous statistical analysis. McCreight pointed out that dozens of earthquakes occur daily, and that the goal of her analysis was not to see if all seismic activity would cease, but to determine whether the number or severity of earthquakes increased during the experiment. By compiling data from the USGS website, McCreight determined a 95% confidence interval of zero to 148 daily earthquakes. During the course of the Boobquake event, only 47 earthquakes were reported. She also calculated that an earthquake of the magnitude of that in Taiwan had a 37% chance of occurring on that day. McCreight also said that the mean magnitude of seismic activity during the "Boobquake" event was actually slightly below average. As a result of this analysis, McCreight concluded that the immodest clothing worn during Boobquake had no significant effect on earthquake frequency or magnitude. Although McCreight admitted that there were some flaws with the experimental procedure, and that she doubted it would have any impact on Seddiqi's opinions, she believed that the event fulfilled its original intentions of being "a humorous exercise in scientific and skeptical thinking".

Now THAT'S the Scientific Method in action!

Boobs cause earthquakes, Wow, if only we did have that much power, how cool would that be. One could ask, one bare breast, or two - depending on how much devastation one would want to cause. What would it take to bring on a tsunami, I wonder.

Maybe this:


What are they, nuts? Who takes off their clothes on a glacier, for cryin'out loud?!! I'm sitting in front of a roaring fire and I'm still cold, just thinking about it!

(I don't have a fireplace - I suppose I should put that out before it spreads to the rest of the house --)

1) The existence of Jesus Christ, is he real? Perhaps he existed, but the bible accounts are all hearsay and much, if not all, of his description is not unique to Christianity.

2) Why should I believe him? Who, Jesus? Perhaps you shouldn't given the scant evidence and remarkable (unbelievable, imo) claims about his life.

3) where is he now? If he lived, he's dead

4) How can you say that God didn't exist? Define god

5) Does God exist? Which one?

Messages found on the marquees in front of various churches:

For Christ's sake, please stop
asking us about the Mayan thing -
that's a whole different apocalypse
Gov. Perry? God here. Those voices
in your head? Not me! Take your meds!
Do not criticize your wife's judgement,
look who she married --


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