i was talking about the existence of Jesus Christ, is he real? why should i believe him? where is he now?

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@Obfuskation, re I think it's Kolob for the Mormons.

You made me say Kolob backwards, and now I am yet again wiping down my keyboard...

I think you are right.

I agree, I stand corrected - something Unseen has never learned to do --

Must be my disgraphia, you're absolutely right!

(See, Unseen - THAT's how it's supposed to work!)

What's the attraction of Kobol? Great golf courses? Kickass brothels? All the high-powered drugs He could ever want?

Like the 900-pound gorilla, where does a universe-creating god live? Anyplace he wants!

After all, he DOES work in mysterious ways --

At least we have some idea of how big God is. Smaller than a planet, it would seem.

AH HA! so God ISN'T omnipresent!


Hey Micmic,

I'm not sure I understand the question as yet. Are you asking how can one know who The One, True God is (a matter of sorting out gods that leads to atheism) or do you mean, can you prove or disprove the existence of a god generally?

I started a discussion over at debatingchristianity about a week ago. It's gotten over 4500 views so far which is the most rapid increase in viewership the site has ever had, so it must be interesting. If you're interested, it is a discussion where I posed the question,

"How do I know your God is The One, True God"?

I know at least SteveInCO has visited (he uses the same name there) because he commented there. It's a deconversion conversation staged on a blog (not realistic) but it gives you an idea of how you might try to argue for or against a god in a way that is actually effective as opposed to rhetorical, humorous, tongue in cheek, speaking to the choir, etc.

- kk

maybe, my english is bad as i imagine, can you help me with this.?

i was catholic christian before

something like this, my heart pumps, and i can't see it but i can feel it.. they said that there was god, i can't see him, and i can't feel him..


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