i was talking about the existence of Jesus Christ, is he real? why should i believe him? where is he now?

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You need to define god before you can ask these questions. Most of the gods I've heard about are self contradictory. Also, proponents for specific gods rely heavily on misinformation, logical fallacies and even blatant lies.    

i was pointing about jesus christ,

is jesus christ a god? if this is the question then you need to rewrite your question or else you must first define what you mean by a god so we can tell whether such a thing/ being would exist.

Jesus Christ is a clear example of legend. There may have been a man but you know literally nothing about him now. 

How can you say that God didn't exist? Does God exist?

I think you need to give us a bit more to go on. Which god, why that particular god?

But, here is how we can say that god didn't exist, and that he doesn't exist.

I posted a image of this on my page, but it is a 3 point scenario of god's existence.

1. All 2000+ gods in our history exist.

2. One god exists. (It just happens to be the one you believe in)

3. No gods exist.

Which one of those 3 seems the most likely?

maybe the third.,

I'll take a look at it.

You have to remove the "edit" at the end of your link, in order for it to work.

sorry for that, it's in my other discussion.,

No I don't believe so.

I've never seen any evidence that makes me think that gods exist.  I look at them as super powered pixies.

The scientific ignorance and immoral savagery of the bible (pick a version) makes me certain that the biblical god does not exist, and would be something to oppose if it did.  The same it true with the Koran to a slightly different degree, while the Mormon bible is like the comic book of bibles and just makes me shake my head the way Scientology does.

Best answer ever.


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