How can you like real ultimate fighting, but be a gay basher? How can you like death metal, and still be a little Jesusy?

First off, townies are so gay, and I don't mean gay in the "banging a dude in the butt" way, I mean it in the bad way, like cancer is gay or Miley Cirus is gay. Anyways......

Last Friday, I went to a Drowning Pool concert; Those are those guys who sing that song, "Let the bodies hit the floor!" They're some real badass mosh kind of band, hellbent on destruction and death! I was a little nervous about fitting in, so I went to the Walmart first, bought a t-shirt with some flames on it, some black jeans, and as I was leaving, I put three quarters in the gumball machine and got me a sweet stick-on-tattoo of a skull, which I then proceeded to put on my forearm.

But when I got there, it was just a bunch of Easter Egg hunting, Midnight Mass attending, townies, singing along about bodies hitting the floor. I call bullshit! You play in a church softball game and then go out and sing along about bodies hitting the floor right? I mean, I was expecting to mingle with heroine addicts, devil worshipers, and slutty chics in fishnets. What a bummer.

My question is, is that ethical? Is it ethical to believe in the tenants of Christianity, and go out and proclaim death, destruction, and beer!

And I get it that you could argue that Metal music is all just theatre, so by definition, the audience is merely the equivalent to playgoers and drama-nerds. But you can't tell them that because they drive big trucks and all know how to real ultimate fight you! Calling them a drama nerd would get you hit by a giant Ford or an elbow by some douchbag wearing a tight thin-cotton shirt with shinny designs written all over it.

Tangent: WHy is that the only thing townies are wearing these days? Remember when they all used to wear polo shirts with the horizontal stripes. And then they all started wearing button down shirts with sunglasses in doors, and they they all started wearing fauxhawks with big belt buckles, and now it's these damn thin, tight cotton shirts. I feel bad for the fat townies though, they look all ridiculous and doughy in those shirts. I even saw a few of them have to revert back to the horizontal polo shirts because they're titties must have looked all gay-nice in those thin shirts. Poor fat townies, it's bad enough they have to marry the first girl they fuck, now the shirt fiasco.

Which brings me to another point, real ultimate fighting. All these townies love them some real ultimate fighting. All my townie friends just love this shit to death, they're always like, "Rico, let me put you in a choke hold and see if you can get out" Next thing I know, I've got some dude's taint next to my face while I'm crying having flashbacks to my Uncle Ted's barn when I spent that summer with him in fifth grade.

Anyway, Real Ultimate Fighting is GAY! Not in the lame way, but in the buttsecks way! You ever watched it on TV, it's 5% swinging arms and legs at some one, 5% looking all mean in the camera, and 90% spent on the ground with your legs wrapped another man's abdomen while yall take turns smelling the other dude's recycled lunch. Gross Gross Gross!!! It's so funny, they have to punch each other once in a while to try and justify the whole experience. I remember doing that when my little sister had slumber parties and some of her hot friends would come over. I was about 15 and they were like 13. We would wrestle, which just gave me a chance to dry hump them, and every once in a while, I'd slap them in the face to make it look like were were both fighting...... but now that I look back on it, I think we both liked it. That's how I bet those real ultimate fighters are, but in gay reverse or whatever.

SO I say allllllll that to say this, Is that moral? I mean, they are lying to themselves, saying they hate homos, but can honestly rub all over another dude wearing basically jocky breifs, or to say they're all Jesusy, but scream about killing people at a rock concert. It's confusing to me! Is it immoral hypocracy, or is it simply human nature?

Or maybe human nature is intrinsically hypocritical?

Should I judge these people ethically, or just chalk it up to the crazyness of life? How do yall look at stuff like that?

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yeah i don't really get the whole tattoo graphics on clothing--wusses...get a fuckin' real tattoo!!

and about grappling and stinky nuts--EEW!!!
Hey now.. let's slowly back away from Ed Hardy.. I happen to love my jeans... Of course, I'm a 26 year old GIRL...
As for MMA or any other form of MA, the sad fact of it is that ground fighting is the most efficient way to win. Just how the rules work. Just how anatomy works.
Hell, the reason I've gotten out of martial arts is because it's just that... an ART. I prefer something with a little more real world benefit and less showboating.
Krav that's fun. "How to kick a fuckhead in the throat in fifty different ways. "
Well, if you beat the shit out of the person while they're up right in a PROPER fashion.. they won't be able to tackle you.

Hard to roll around on the ground when you're choking on your own blood..
Hard to do much of anything, as a matter of fact.

My problem with MMA is that it's a sport and I'm just past that phase in my life. I can understand you doing it to keep in shape, win titles, maybe make some money.. or even just because you love it.
For real world situations, well... there is a reason that KM is used by corporate security, military, special ops police and crazy bitches like myself that live in a place with a record high of knife violence.
True believers and wrestling fans share gullibility. They're all too willing to suspend disbelief and ignore obvious contradictions and signs of fraud.

There was a time when the Roman Catholic Church claimed to have all the answers worth having. Curiosity was unnecessary and squashed by church-sanctioned torture and death. Education was an elitist privilege reserved for the clergy and the rich.

In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg changed all that with his mechanical invention, the printing press. Newspapers and books became commonplace and public education eventually became a right instead of a privilege. With the 20th century advent of radio and television, “passive learning” (at least, for current events) was brought to the masses.

Contemporary avenues for self-education have dramatically increased over the past few decades. From the passive learning available on Discovery, National Geographic, Knowledge, PBS and other television channels; to the more interactive learning available from Internet resources: these new, ubiquitous avenues of education make excessive ignorance and cultural illiteracy a conscious decision. Why would people choose not to avail themselves of the information these avenues provide? This lack of curiosity is an indictment of the lethargic apathy of the masses. It’s alarming how many people won't pursue answers to their own questions, despite the easy availability of those answers. They choose ignorance. What is it that causes so many to settle for so little?

Because that's the way they want it.

One of the most-watched shows on television is a good example of ignorance as a choice: WWE professional wrestling. Do you know somebody who is a WWE fan and believes the wrestling is real? I’m not referring to those who merely find entertainment value in the mock violence and over-the-top antics of the wrestlers – I’m talking about people who believe the wrestling is truly a competitive sport. Unfortunately, I do know a few of these morons. There are far too many of them out there . . . and I’m not talking just kids: there’s actually full grown adults who “believe” in this stuff! Come to think of it, all the ones I know are religious or brought up in religious households. Hmmmm . . .

When I reveal to these dupes how the wrestlers use simple physics to make their charade look somewhat realistic, they balk at the notion and refuse to concede the facts. If I contrast the farce of professional wrestling against the real speed and skill of Olympic wrestling, professional boxing or martial arts matches, they claim not to see a difference. However, most will back off their claims when I show them an Internet site that exposes the secret lingo used by professional wrestlers (amongst themselves). Here’s a few examples:


· Blade: The process in which a wrestler takes a razor blade and runs it along his skin to produce a cut that bleeds.

· Booker: Person in an organization who books and hires wrestlers, plans the long term direction of the company, plans angles, decides who wins and loses. Example: Eric Bischoff, Kevin Sullivan, Terry Taylor, Vince McMahon.

· Broadway: A draw.

· Call a Match: To inform opponent of upcoming moves or spots throughout the match.

· Carney: Short for “carnival terminology”. It is the root for many of the terms found on this page from when wrestling had its roots in the early 1900’s.

· Carry: 1. To call a match. 2. To make a green opponent look good in the fans eyes.

· Dagger: A razor blade with more of the razor exposed than necessary.

· Deal, The: Sometimes a title belt is referred to as The Deal.

· Double Juice: When both wrestlers blade in the match.

· Garbage Wrestling: A style of wrestling that consists of wrestlers frequent use of blading, foreign objects, gimmick stipulations in matches and brawling without much athleticism or ring psychology. (Ex. FMW, many ECW matches)

· Geek: To cut one’s self.

· Gig Mark: A scar from blading.

· Gusher: A deep cut that bleeds a lot, usually caused by blading. The severity of the cut may or may not be intended.

· Hardway: A cut that is usually unintentional, without the use of the razor.

· Job: A planned loss.

· Jobber: A wrestler who loses in order to put over a pushed wrestler.

· Jobroni: Slang for the word jobber.

· Kayfabe: Generally referring to the protecting of industry secrets.

· Mark: 1. A person who believes that wrestling matches, and angles and everything to do with wrestling, is real. 2. A fan of or participant in the wrestling industry who believes that a part of any aspect of the industry is more important than making money. Some people say that the word “mark” comes from the old carnival days. When the operator of some scam spotted a real sucker, he would mark the back of that persons back with a piece of chalk, which would literally be “marking” the “mark”. Other sources say that the term “mark” come from when the scam “hits the mark”, meaning that it was successfully done.

· Ref Bump: When the ref takes a bump at a specific point in the match so that a wrestler, usually the heel, can commit an illegal act or move, such as interference.

· Rest Hold: A move in the match which is lightly applied, to give the wrestlers time to breath between highspot.

· Screwjob: A finish with a controversial ending, often upsetting the fans.

· Sell: To act as if you were on the receiving end of a legitimate wrestling move.

· Showing Light: To unintentionally expose to the fans that the move did not connect, due to flawed execution of the move by the wrestler on offense.

· Smart: A person who has the knowledge of the inner workings of the wrestling industry.

· Squash: A match that is designed to put over a pushed wrestler, who dominates offense over a jobber.

· Tight: When a wrestler works tight, he applies holds and moves with more force than average, making them look more realistic.

· Work: 1. Predetermined outcome. 2. To skillfully wrestle.

Okay, so it was more than a few examples . . .

When confronted with this information, only the most fervent die-hard will cling to his mindless position. How can something so obviously phony to some be so real to others? Because too many people prefer to . . . choose to . . . believe a lie. This willingness to participate in being deceived is more than just sad . . . it’s dangerous. This is the kind of mindlessness that empowers despots, fascists, racists, cult leaders and messiahs.

The fact is: many people don’t merely “settle” for ignorance . . . they actively pursue it. All the evidence of their experience informs them of cold reality but they reject the evidence in favor of a more pleasant delusion. The quest for truth is replaced by mindless dogma and slogans. Glaring discrepancies are easily glossed over or ignored. When somebody ignores the overwhelming evidence against a belief, he’s called delusional . . . when many people ignore the overwhelming evidence against a belief, it’s called a religion – or professional wrestling.

"If some good evidence for life after death were announced, I’d be eager to examine it; but it would have to be real scientific data, not mere anecdote…. Better the hard truth, I say, than the comforting fantasy." — Carl Sagan

Alice Cooper has been a Christian for going on 30 years now. If the morality, or ethics, of such music is in question, pay more attention to the actual lyrics and not the theatrics. These guys are entertainers. Nobody will pay to go to a concert and listen to boring music or great music with a boring stage show. Who wants to go listen to hard music played by people who just stand on stage in jeans and t-shirts for three hours? People want to be entertained. Most songs shouldn't be taken literally, but as metaphors.

As for the MMA, I think it's rather weak to equate Jiu-Jitsu, or other disciplines, as being gay either in the derogatory sense, or literal. Any martial art not only teaches one defense, but also self-discipline and control.


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