How can you like real ultimate fighting, but be a gay basher? How can you like death metal, and still be a little Jesusy?

First off, townies are so gay, and I don't mean gay in the "banging a dude in the butt" way, I mean it in the bad way, like cancer is gay or Miley Cirus is gay. Anyways......

Last Friday, I went to a Drowning Pool concert; Those are those guys who sing that song, "Let the bodies hit the floor!" They're some real badass mosh kind of band, hellbent on destruction and death! I was a little nervous about fitting in, so I went to the Walmart first, bought a t-shirt with some flames on it, some black jeans, and as I was leaving, I put three quarters in the gumball machine and got me a sweet stick-on-tattoo of a skull, which I then proceeded to put on my forearm.

But when I got there, it was just a bunch of Easter Egg hunting, Midnight Mass attending, townies, singing along about bodies hitting the floor. I call bullshit! You play in a church softball game and then go out and sing along about bodies hitting the floor right? I mean, I was expecting to mingle with heroine addicts, devil worshipers, and slutty chics in fishnets. What a bummer.

My question is, is that ethical? Is it ethical to believe in the tenants of Christianity, and go out and proclaim death, destruction, and beer!

And I get it that you could argue that Metal music is all just theatre, so by definition, the audience is merely the equivalent to playgoers and drama-nerds. But you can't tell them that because they drive big trucks and all know how to real ultimate fight you! Calling them a drama nerd would get you hit by a giant Ford or an elbow by some douchbag wearing a tight thin-cotton shirt with shinny designs written all over it.

Tangent: WHy is that the only thing townies are wearing these days? Remember when they all used to wear polo shirts with the horizontal stripes. And then they all started wearing button down shirts with sunglasses in doors, and they they all started wearing fauxhawks with big belt buckles, and now it's these damn thin, tight cotton shirts. I feel bad for the fat townies though, they look all ridiculous and doughy in those shirts. I even saw a few of them have to revert back to the horizontal polo shirts because they're titties must have looked all gay-nice in those thin shirts. Poor fat townies, it's bad enough they have to marry the first girl they fuck, now the shirt fiasco.

Which brings me to another point, real ultimate fighting. All these townies love them some real ultimate fighting. All my townie friends just love this shit to death, they're always like, "Rico, let me put you in a choke hold and see if you can get out" Next thing I know, I've got some dude's taint next to my face while I'm crying having flashbacks to my Uncle Ted's barn when I spent that summer with him in fifth grade.

Anyway, Real Ultimate Fighting is GAY! Not in the lame way, but in the buttsecks way! You ever watched it on TV, it's 5% swinging arms and legs at some one, 5% looking all mean in the camera, and 90% spent on the ground with your legs wrapped another man's abdomen while yall take turns smelling the other dude's recycled lunch. Gross Gross Gross!!! It's so funny, they have to punch each other once in a while to try and justify the whole experience. I remember doing that when my little sister had slumber parties and some of her hot friends would come over. I was about 15 and they were like 13. We would wrestle, which just gave me a chance to dry hump them, and every once in a while, I'd slap them in the face to make it look like were were both fighting...... but now that I look back on it, I think we both liked it. That's how I bet those real ultimate fighters are, but in gay reverse or whatever.

SO I say allllllll that to say this, Is that moral? I mean, they are lying to themselves, saying they hate homos, but can honestly rub all over another dude wearing basically jocky breifs, or to say they're all Jesusy, but scream about killing people at a rock concert. It's confusing to me! Is it immoral hypocracy, or is it simply human nature?

Or maybe human nature is intrinsically hypocritical?

Should I judge these people ethically, or just chalk it up to the crazyness of life? How do yall look at stuff like that?

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let us all live our lives as we see think no ones business but our own. It takes all sorts to make a World. I do not judge for who am i to do so. Everybody get a life and do not try to live others for them.

No need for bad language I say.
What are you precisely trying to say.
My first question for you is this: are you atheist? If you are, I don't know exactly why this is a moral dilemma for you. Theists rarely have consistent actions or rational thought processes. I don't think it's immoral (because I don't think being gay is immoral, nor is singing about dead bodies because we all get frustrated with people and play out scenes in our heads that we would never follow through on) or unethical. It's simply absent mindedness. I mean, if they knew anything about their religion to begin with, they would know shaving was a sin, and that working on Sundays is a sin... and work equates cooking, walking, picking up twigs, etc... and that judging others is a sin they regularly commit; the list goes on.

So, it's really not a question of morality as much as it's a question of ignorance and inconsistency. I wouldn't even call them hypocrites... just, like I said, very absent minded.

P.S. This was a great post... it made me laugh. Damn douche bags wearin' Ed Hardy!!!
"working on Sundays is a sin... and work equates cooking, walking, picking up twigs, etc"

This made me wonder...

Working on Sunday is a sin.
A priest's job is (among other things) to preach.
A priest preaches on Sunday.
So the priest sins every Sunday.
Does he ask for forgiveness after every Sunday service?
It ain't work, baby! It's a PRIVILEGE... a 'calling.'
(Least that's what I was told when I asked at about age seven or so.)
So if I'm 'called' to pick up sticks on Sunday, they can't stone me? :)
Well, they are apparently 'called' to pick up stones and throw them on Sunday....
first of all the sabbath for the jew starts @ fri. sundown to sat.sundown so you got the days wrong but anyways for the new testament disciple of messiah your "sabbath is any day of the week you feel in good conscience to rest,for some people its fri,others the only day they can get off work is mon.etc........the scripture romans chp.14 the whole chp. so the priest wouldnt be sinning becuz he might be taking a sabbath on a different day.were you catholic? i used to be,but anyways PEACE!!!!!!!!!AND RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't really care to comment on most of what you've said... I just really wonder what the hell you were doing at a drowning pool concert?
btw, drowning pool is definitely not death metal. Listen to Kalmah, or Amon Amarth.
Kalmah. Now there's a name I didn't expect to crop up. :)
me too...LMAO!
Oh Ninja! You so beat me to it. Damn this British timezone! the poor guy stuck in hick town, the answer is yes, yes, yes and yes.
"Christianity" is as much of a pop culture fad as "heroine chic" or any other absurd behavior modification. Take a look at the 'redneck' species.
Most of their trucks have never been off of pavement. Those that have are not the shiny Fords or Chevy's your hybrid has learned to fear. These guys participate in 4-H, Agriculture clubs and rodeos while living in nice houses in the center of town. A few do have proper ranches with their own horses, but more than likely there is someone on site helping to care for them. The country music they listen to might proclaim them god-fearing folk, but it's done with a Britney Spears pop beat, sexual over (and under) tones and with a few changes in lyrics (or not) the I-love-god music can easily become fodder for boy-bands singing about their lovers.
They are jocks that play ponies instead of football. They are patriotic with an 8th grade education of how our government works and no ability to reason. Anti-gay because it is against gods will, but they should still be nice to homos (especially hot blond lesbos) unless one hits on them in a bar, then they can beat them up. They are a subculture. Just like any other, they've created their own distinct words, blended in with modern English. They have their own style of dress, their own behavior code and their own form of policing it. The hypocrisy is the same you'll find in most subcultures or cliques. Morality is sidelined by the lifestyle...and yet justification for the stupid.

it's a lovely world.

Run away from that place!


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