I've got a little situation here.
There's this girl in my class, and she's really amazing! She's funny, pretty, smart, and all the other positive things a human could be, I guess.
But there's only one "problem": She's strongly devoted to God.
I asked her politely if she would like to read the Bible, just to show her that God really isn't that much of a great guy, but she just refuses to read the Bible. She says that she doesn't need some silly book to know her God is the only god and that he is allknowing, allpowerfull, etc...

But I really want her to "get to know" the God she's admiring so much. I want to convince her that he is a massmurderer, rapist, violence-loving kind of....man/woman/thing/beast, and not the loving God she thinks she knows. 

What is the best way to convince her, without forcing her, of course?

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If she attends a "powerpoint" church
a. find another female
b. put the bible on powerpoint

The PPT mega-church preaches a christianist civil religion wrapped in lavender rose petals. You only have your looks.
Nope, she's a real believer, alright, not some PPT-kind of girl. She goes to church and all that, hangs around with all the christian kids at school, prays before every class, that kind of stuff.

Oh, and just to make this clear: I don't like like like the girl, I have a girlfriend now, and have had for the last three years. I'm not into this girl, I just like her as a friend.
PPT is Windows lingo for a Powerpoint file.
PPT is the Powerpointchurch. People who learn about god through powerpoints in e-mails and such.

Well, I really don't wanna lose her as a friend, I actually want to help her, because her strong beliefs are really messing with her studies.
Let me give you some examples: she refuses to believe that man evolved; she refuses to believe apples are just fruit, she thinks they're the seeds of evil; she does not want any teacher to talk about god in class, as it might affect her afterlife, etc...

So, actually...I'm just trying to help her.

Thanks for the link! I'll print that out and see if she would want to read that. :)
"she refuses to believe apples are just fruit, she thinks they're the seeds of evil"

so, does she not eat apples? That's sad, as they're delicious (delicious, delicious evil).

Maybe you could mention that Genesis never states that the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (knowledge=evil in her mind, then?) is an apple, but that was added later. Maybe it would spark her curiosity?
I don't think there's a formula, except for just doing your best to help her cope with "reality". I hope she isn't on her way to developing any serious psychological problems. I hate to speculate like that, but it happens.
If she doesn't read the Bible then where does she get this BS?
Of course, we know: she gets it from church from other people who've read the Bible.
So where is her "I don't need some silly book to tell me about God" now?

So you can ask her: Does she need a silly guy at a silly church to read silly books to tell her about God? (And this is somehow better than reading the silly book herself?)

Or is she actually hearing voices in her head telling her not to eat apples?

Or where exactly does she think she's getting these revelations?
Why not just get to know her and accept, even if just provisionally, that she is devoted to God? There is no need to convert your date before you ask for a second. These things come with time or not at all.

And I do see that you are not romantically interested in her, but it really doesn't change the point. If you enjoy her company, then don't let her belief (or your non-belief) so easily get in the way. If she is so devoted to God that it is a real hindrance, then there may not be much you can do anyway and it doesn't sound like the sort I would find enjoyable company.

But, you could, if you really wanted to, attend a Bible study class with her and ask a lot of questions. They enjoy that at Bible study, you'd be welcomed, I am sure.
Hmm...I really like your Bible study class.
I think I'm going to try that, and if she still thinks of god the same way, I guess I'll just have to let it rest and accept her belief as a part of her.
Thank you all. :)
Just keep in mind that I was being facetious about Bible study classes enjoying questions! :p

Ask them in an eager way, as if you really want to know so you can better understand God They don't get as defensive that way. Rather, they get excited about explaining it and bringing in a lost sheep. You can really make some people think that way when they are stumped during honest discourse.
Haha! Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :)
Good luck!


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