How can doctors and scientists often times consider themselves christians?

I really do not understand this. these are smart people that work hard to accomplish the goals that they set for themselves, but they thank God for the knowledge that they have. Shouldnt these people know better? it just doesnt add up. what is your input on this?

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Very good quote sir.
Some of them keep the Christian label just to appease the family, I'm sure. Also, if you are not a biblical literalist, it's not so hard to accept science and keep your beliefs.
I can see your point, but most Christians believe that the bible is the word of God, so they DO take it literally. Also, how can you accept some parts of the bible and not all of it even if you are not a literalist? there are so many absurdities.
I do agree that most people are "cafeteria Christians". That is why organized religion doesn't work.
i didn't mean to imply that cafeteria Christianity does not work more then literalist Christianity. I just mean that I see a lot of Cafeteria Christians.
well, i suppose it does work if the people who follow it don't care if they are ignoring the truth.
oh and I meant that if you pick and choose your beliefs, its not very organized is it?
I dont believe the majority of people are religious.
If prayers could be heard then a loving god or gods would not be able to bear watching the people of Parkistan suffer in floods.
It seems the men are annoyed their wives are losing clothing and are not covered up, oh dear..
I bet that a lot of prayers have been said for these poor people but it doesnt seems to be getting any better does it.
Religion is great to let you get away with doing nothing as it is best left to god.
Come on now.
"organized religion doesn't work" in what sense?

that crap seems to be awfully popular and powerful! :)
there is a bit of truth in that. lol
I worked with the chronically mentally ill for over 25 years. I constantly had to remind my staff that crazy does not mean dumb. There are many very intelligent people who are crazier than loons, Newton, is a name that comes to mind.
I think practicing doctors are like engineers: in the applied sciences you can probably get away with less consideration of the scientific method and grasp of the full impact of skepticism, and still be effective. Once you learn the material and how to use it, you are good to go.

But in research / experimental science, it seems like Christians would really need their compartmentalizing module running on full power!


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