Guys, I really enjoyed reading through your website and had a great laugh at your videos - most of them are hilarious!!!
Well, I was just wondering why you as an atheist group need to talk about religion so much. It seems that the catholic religion is providing you your identity by being everything you do not accept. That's funny because we Catholics do actually not need to talk about atheists all day long. What we have in common is faith, hope, trust - all you share is hate and disbelief. How sad you must feel (at the end of your days) Atheists are wrong - I know what I am talking about as I am studying philosophy and theology. Trust me it is really hard not to believe there is no God. I tried to believe it too but it didn't work... Just open your hearts and look for God - I hope you will find him too!
If you can prove I am wrong please comment but if you plan to troll around or swear at me then keep it for yourself.

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You are nothin' but a internet troll. We have. Re-read the thread. You won't find it in the exact wordin' that YOU want. You're a troll. You still have lacked to give a proper answer with only givin' us personal views & this whole:
"show me the actual catholic teaching containing this very wording (or at least a very similar one) "All non-catholics will go to hell" and I will be convinced"
We have & you give nothing. Total troll.

Last chance, answer it or I'm out of this discussion because you can't have a serious one. You have repeated gave us the run-around by stating we are wrong. Answer this:

How are we wrong in the interpretation? HOW? State your source that shows we are readin' it wrong. Do this or troll along.
I guess I'm not going.
Epic. Jesus said it.

Just sayin...



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