Can you share me some experience, story, idea, anything about your life that changed because of atheism?

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Learning to deal with loss rather than just shrugging it off thinking I'll see everyone again in Heaven and have all I need when I get there.  It's also very relieving to realize that there isn't some invisible skymonster watching my every move -> even in the bathroom.

you know a lot of story but the best that I know is the kid that started as one of those kid that helps the priest while in the mass that was elementary days then studied in a catholic school during high school to then before even he finishes high school in a CATHOLIC SCHOOL he seen the truth and became like us. parents were very close friends of priests and always seen in church yet was able to break through.. but Valhalla is still a nice concept for this kid I mean who hates that place,lol 

I know this isn't really going to make sense but I found my self confidence in my atheism. It was one of the first steps on my path of self discovery and with it I could build myself from the ground up. It is definitely one of the more central aspects of myself and a word I am proud to define part of myself as.


Agree Bello Rose.

For me, there was that illogical fear that really required some degree of maintenance.

It also had to do with 'What to make of 1/2 of humanity that remains dogged by irrational fear.'

I finally came to the realization that, institutional fear mongering is in my opinion, abusive. We atheists and agnostics may rightly view religious people as abused individuals who may never recover.

Unlike some atheists, I do not look down on or sneer at the religious. They are victims of institutional abuse, and I can relate to the fear that holds them hostage. It also saddens me that I probably cannot help them break free if they are past a certain age.

It's freed up my Sundays...


I have a different opinion about seriously devout religious people. I still can't comprehend how they can be so delusional about some things but so rational about others.

Hey Tim,

Maybe this will help: Realize that anyone who was force fed BS from parents, peers and priests from a very young age, suffers from a variety of PTSD. These people are victims that continue to suffer.

This is why, I suspect that the half-hearted believers (who go to church every week) do not like to discuss religion. They are caught in this thing, they know they are caught in this thing, and they'd rather talk about football or news.

Such a thing may be impossible to accurately measure, but I suspect that the majority of the 'practicing religious' are half-hearted and do not actually believe this stuff.

The full bore religious have been able to fully shut down their brains when their beliefs are threatened.

Behold Ken Ham - you kind of feel bad for him, don't you? He has utterly shut off his brain. I dislike the fact that he convinces others to do the same, especially children. The Creation Museum perpetuates this abuse to be sure.


Actually you seem to have it backwards, I slowly changed my life as I became, 'mostly' atheist.

When I lose something, I wonder about my own processing, my social context, and the beliefs of others around me. Where did I fail, how did others 'fail' me, and why do we as a culture of individuals marginalize others?

I do not consider 'god' as a factor, but only an abstraction as a 'tool'.


For me, atheism never changed my life; science did. Scientific theories convinced me that what I was raised to believe was very wrong, and very boring compared to the truths of the natural world and galaxies around us. So for me, I am not an atheist because I don't believe in God. I don't believe in God because I believe in science. Therefore, I define myself as a human being first, and second, an atheist.

i have to echo with teri g. It gave me confidence. Instead of praying to a god to sort things out I realised it was all down to me and everything was in my hands now. I could make what i wanted of my self not wait for god to show me his plan. I found this so empowering! :)


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