Sick of taking responsibility for the shitty things that have happened to you in your life? Help is on the way, in the virginal and strangely vacant form of three Bible-thumping teenage exorcists from Phoenix, Arizona. Eighteen-year-old Brynne Larson and her friends Tess and Savannah Sherkenback (18 and 21, respectively) claim to be able to confront the demons lurking inside traumatized people and draw them out using nothing more than a crucifix and a few choice words. But are these teenage exorcists really empowered by the Almighty, or merely by Brynne's father, a failed televangelist named Reverend Bob?

Reverend Bob? Please say it isn't so --

And the Emmy goes to --?

Or not --

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I think exorcism is one of the strangest concepts in religion.  The whole idea of demonic possession clangs horribly in my head, against the concept of a loving Creator.  If demons exist, the Abrahamic god certainly didn't create them during the famous six day event - at least not reportedly according to Genesis.

So where did they come from?  And how is it that pleas and beseeching to the god of relevance are required to cast said demons out, at all?  If the god is omnibenevolent, unwilling demonic possession would seem to be a very basic implausibility.

Now if you convince someone that they are demonically possessed, then 'free' them with a major ritual, I can see how hypnosis and auto-suggestion might have a positive impact. Or, if you concede that the creator-god is not the only powerful supernatural being, then there could be a logical slot for supernatural demons.

It is interesting, if not actually astounding, that atheists never seem to get 'possessed'.  I'm sure there's some kind of theological jiggery-pokery explanation for why this might be so, but on the face of it, there seems to be a major theological contradiction on the powers of supernatural beings.

Out of interest, does anyone know if 'demonic possession' and exorcism exists in any of the other major religions?  Do Hindus, Jews or Muslims have exorcism practices?

"It is interesting, if not actually astounding, that atheists never seem to get 'possessed'."

I'm sure that there are those who would say that all atheists are possessed, otherwise, there would be no atheists.

"If demons exist, the Abrahamic god certainly didn't create them during the famous six day event - at least not reportedly according to Genesis. So where did they come from?"

Funny you should ask - they took a rather circuitous route from Persia, to Israel, to Greece, then Rome, to a neighborhood near you --

Ooh a video!  Don't expect a response from me for around 52.28 minutes :)

In the event there are any questions as to of what the Malleus Maleficarum consisted, feel free to add this to your archives, or as Rowan and Martin used to say, "Put that in your Funk and Wagnalls!":


I remember watching the Laugh-in with my family as a child.  My favourite line was "Very interesting..... but stupid!" at the end, each week.

You have no idea how happy it made me, watching that!  Thank you :)

I do what I can.

Your obedient serpent --

I've watched these girls in action on another video and my assessment is that they provoke and prod the individual into these fevered frenzies at which point they retaliate with biblical verse and shouting. They have to elevate the situation into hysteria, otherwise, in the absence of theatrics, they would appear genuinely ineffective talking to the one supposedly possessed in a normal tone of conversation. Everyone involved needs to to seek professional counseling of some sort. 

I hope you noticed, Ed, the cheerleader explaining the difference between "demon possession" and schizophrenia --

Yeah, its a spelling thing isn't it? schizophrenia is a better scrabble score :)

I guess I am a pragmatist, if someone 'believes' this stuff, and it 'works', why not add it to the 'tool kit'. Sadly we are surrounded by nutty! We might never have the opportunity to have a life not informed or deformed by it.



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