Courtesty of Tina Springer and Max Powers who researched this subject tirelessly. This very small list is but a mere fraction of the sources that we've discovered, and is intended for those who are either new to this subject or those who at least have the common sense to see that christianity is not original but just couldn't find the damning evidence to verify it. 



The egyptians deified the sun as a trinity of gods -- Osiris, the Father, Horus, the Son, and Ra, the Highest Sun -- each corresponding to at least one of the sun's 3 key positions throughout the day. Osiris represented the *setting* sun, and is reborn as horus, the *rising* sun. Ra, who alone represented the *mid-day* sun completes the trinity as "RaHorakty" (translates to "Ra who is Horus of the Two Horizons") the conflation of all three gods and positions of the sun. "Horakty", meaning horus of the two horizons indicate that the egyptians regarded the son as also being the father. This is why throughout the pyramid texts and book of the dead Horus and Osiris are frequently interchangeable.



Pyramid Texts Utterance 77
52a. Oil Oil arise open thou; (thou) who art on the forehead of Horus, arise, open thou.
52b. Thou who art on the forehead of Horus, put thyself on the forehead of this N. (pharoah)
52.c Make him sweet with thyself (PERFUMED OIL); glorify him with thyself

Utterance 576
1505.a "N is your seed, Osiris, the pointed
In his name of "Horus of the great green"; "Horus of the chief of spirits".
1511a. "N ANOINTS himself with the best ointment'



Pyramid Texts Utterance 667
1941b "Oh Horus, this hour of the morning, of this ---THIRD DAY ----, is come, when thou surely passet on to heaven, together with the stars, the imperishable star"

Utterance 556
1382f "this hour of the ---THIRD DAY--- comes, where the father Osiris will be reborn as horus, at the place where the gods are born..."

According to the Ikhernofret Stela (2000 BC) translated by Richard H. Wilkinson, Osiris' Death and Resurrection was celebrated in a 5 day festival known as the "Passion Plays". He is entombed on the 2nd day, and remains so until the 4th day (3 DAYS). Afterwards, on the 5th day, he is reborn AT DAWN. This is why Horus represented the sun's *rising* position, whereas Osiris represented the sun's *setting* position; Horus is symbolic of Osiris' resurrection/rebirth.



The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts (Translated by R.O Faulkner)

"You are this LONE STAR that comes forth from the EAST of the sky, and who will surrender himself to Horus of the Netherworld..."



The Second Story of Khamuas (Griffith, F. LI, Stories of the High Priests of Memphis; The Sethon of Herodotus and the Demotic Tales of Khamuas)

"Si-Osiris (revealed to be Horus, son of Paneche). "Numerous are the marvels that he shall do in Egypt.."

"...I would cast my magic up to Egypt that I might cause the peope of Egypt to pass three days and nights without seeing light except kiki"

"I will not remove my spell, until you have sworn an oath to me not to return up to Egypt."

..."Now when the boy Si-Osiris (son of Osiris) had attained -- 12 YEARS -- it came to pass that there was no [good scribe or learned man] that rivalled him in reading and writing that compels."



In two official translations of the Pyramid Texts Horus is said to have walked on water or is referred to as "LAKE STRIDER"

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, James P. Allen 118, 154

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, R. O. Faulkner Pg 192



The Book of Gates
Chapter 3
The Gate of Saa-Set
The Second Division of Tuat

Note: Ra was a solar deity representing the sun's *mid-day* position while Horus represented the sun's *rising* position. By the time of the Book of Gates, Ra had already merged with Horus to represent both positions. In the texts Ra is traversing the underworld in a boat, and in the pyramid texts, it states very clearly that when Horus enters the boat he becomes Ra.

The Book of Gates states: "The 12 worshippers of Ra/Horus who are at peace...They who praised Ra/Horus upon Earth...They who spoke Truth upon Earth (On Ra/Horus' behalf)..."They who UTTERED WORDS OF POWER (exorcism) against Apep, the serpent...and have vanquished Apep for me"

jesus' 12 followers are referred to as "apostles". An apostle is one sent forth as a messenger; one SPREADING TRUTH. According to Matthew 10:1, jesus' apostles also exorcised demonic spirits in his name.


In Chapter 5 of the Book of Gates, Horus is mentioned as having ANOTHER group of 12 in his service, to who he tells "Live delicatley on the BREAD of HU, and drink ye the Ale of Maat". This ale is later referred to as the "Tchesert Drink" which translates to "Divine Drink".

This concept is reworked in the NT when jesus, at the Eucharist, offers the 12 apostles his body in the form of BREAD and his divine blood in the form of WINE.



Book of Gates
Chapter 5
The Gate of Tchetbi
Fourth Division of Tuat

Note: Again, in the Book of Gates Ra is Ra-Horakty (Ra who is Horus of the two Horizons: the sun traveling from one horizon to the other.)

The 12 double headed/jackal headed gods say unto Ra/Horus: -- " Immerse thyself, O Ra, in the holy lake wherein the lord of the gods immersed himself, whereunto the souls of the dead approach not; this is what thou thyself hast commanded. O KHUTI... Their food consisteth of -----BREAD...their vessels are filled with WINE-----



1. "In Egypt the epiteths dd.t, rnn.t and hwn.t, 'girl; young woman; VIRGIN', are applied to many goddesses -- e.g Hathor and ISIS WHO HAD NOT HAD SEXUAL INTERCOURSE"
- Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible by Karel van der Toorn PhD, Bob Becking PhD, Pieter W. van der Horst PhD, Erik Hornung PhD, Hans Dieter Betz PhD, Andre Caquot PhD, Jonas C Greenfield PhD, Michael E Stone PhD, Manfred Weipert PhD

2. In a text in the Abydos Temple of Seti 1, Isis herself declares: "I am the great VIRGIN"

3. Among the glyphs of Denderah, is the depiction of the *non-physiscal* intercourse between Isis and Osiris. The glyphs show Isis sending out her Bah, Sothis (a hawk), the hawk being inseminated on Osiris' phallus, and then returning back to Isis. Because the sex between Isis and Osiris was non-physical, her virginity wasn't compromised.


The inseminated bird now flies back to Isis

4. It is a well known fact that the greek religion is but a mirror of the egyptian religion e.g Dionysis is actually Osiris, Typhon is actually Set, Hermes is actually Thoth, etc. With that said, the glyph for Virgo is a Virgin holding WHEAT (Bread) and CORN (Spica) as Virgo is the constellation of HARVEST, and this is how the Egyptians depicted Isis:

"Lady of GREEN CROPS, Lady of BREAD, Lady of Abundance..." -- Egyptian Book of the Dead

"It is Sirius (Isis) the beloved daughter, who provides the YEARLY SUSTENANCE (flooding of the Nle for crops) for you in her name of "Year" -- Pyramid Texts

"Sirius (Isis) opener of the Year's flood"

All of the above depictions of Isis refer to Harvest, which is exactly why the Greeks designated their constellation of harvest a VIRGIN.


"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is everyone that hangeth on a TREE" (Gal 3:13)

"Jesus bore our sins in his own body on the TREE, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto rightieousness: by whose stripes ye were healed." (1 Peter 2:24)

"The god of our father raised up, who ye slew and hanged on a TREE." (Acts 5:30)

"And we are witnesses of all the things which jesus did both in the land of the jews, and in Jerusalem; who ye slew and hanged on a TREE" (Acts 10:39)

"And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took jesus down from the TREE and laid him in a sepulchre." (Acts 13:29)







Note: Crucifixion, before it had become exclusive to christian context, meant a display or spectacle on a cross, pole, or tree either by execution or symbolic imagery See here:


The relief from the Egyptian Book of the Dead shows Horus spectacled in cruciform (arms outstretched) on the combination of the Ankh Cross and Djed Pillar/TREE TRUNK containing his dead body...osiris' body. The two sisters, Isis-Meri and Nephtys-Meri are at the feet of the figure, just as the two sister Marys in john 19:25. The Ankh Cross represents the Eternal Life that Horus/Osiris achieves through death.
In numerous biblical verses, jesus is said to have died on a tree while tradition holds that it happened on a CROSS. This tree/cross discrepancy, is not really a discrepancy, but rather an accomodation of both the DJED and ANKH, forming the combination in jesus' myth.



Revelations 22:16
"I, jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright ---MORNING STAR--

Egyptian Book of the Dead Chapter 109 "I know the souls of the easterners, they are Horakhty (horus of the horizons), the sun calf, and the ---MORNING STAR--

Journal of Near Eastern Studies Ro Faulkner Pyramid Texts "O Morning Star, Horus of the Dlet, divine falcon, widwid-bird whom the sky bore..."



(John Gardener Wilkinson, Manner and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, III)
Sokar, Osiris, and Ptah -- 3 kings -- approaching baby Horus in a manger at the Winter Solstice.



Like christians, the ancient egyptians went by the belief that the son-of-god was the "way" to immortality or eternal life. The ankh cross, which was the cardinal religious symbol in egypt, just as it is in christianity, represented the eternal life that Horus achieved for himself and his followers.

Death and salvation in ancient Egypt - Page 38 Jan Assmann
"Horus, the son, was responsible for the aspect of redemption from death."
On Page 58
"I am one of you, Salvation from Death through inclusion."

Page 127

"The deceased owes his redemption from death to the grace of the god (Osiris) who recognises him as his peer and receives him into his kingdom”
Page 115
"What was important was for Osiris to go to the Netherworld and remain there. Only thus in the realm of death, could he become the center of a sphere of eternal life that held out the promise of salvation from the realm of death and the promise of eternal life for every deceased person who followed him. Salvation and Eternal life are Christian concepts, and we might think that the Egyptian myth can all too easily be viewed through the lens of Christian tradition. Quite the contrary, in my opinion, Christian myth is itself thoroughly stamped by Egyptian Tradition, by the myth of Isis and Osiris, which from the very beginning had to do with salvation and eternal life."


In short, Zeitgeist was more than 100 percent correct -- there's even more parallels between these religions than shown in zeitgeist -- and Richard Carrier and Robert Price can both go f*&^ themselves.

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Nice article. The pattern of Latin/Orthodox/Protestant/Fundamentalist, Christianity is clearly Pagan as I have expounded upon many times on this site. The paganism that you have renumerated is just tipping the iceberg. 

Few Latin/Orthodox/Protestant/Fundamentalist Christians realize that the Trinity is false doctrine and is derived from Asiatic/ Near East, Mysteries Religions.

The Trinity is found nowhere in the Bible besides one verse that is found nowhere in the original tongues. That verse was later shown to be an insertion.

Moreover the Crosses, Obelisk, Church steeples and Spires are also pagan, In the the Old Testament they are referred to as Standing Images. When the Jews set theses up before the Temple in Jerusalem, it cause severe retribution of God and precipitated in the destruction of the Temple as declared by the hand of the prophets.

Yes, the things you mention are ultimately what led me away from Christianity.  At first, it only shed doubt on the "customs" of Christianity such as Christmas, Easter, the Trinity, the wearing of crosses, participating in baptism, etc, but not the Bible or biblical Christian beliefs/theologies.  However, it did lead to my choice to leave my Baptist faith and embrace a more Judaic form of Christianity which is referred to as "Hebraic Roots".  I was content there for quite some time, but in the end, my doubts progressed and eventually led to my denial of the New Testament as scripture and then, a few years later, the whole darn thing.  It falls apart pretty quickly when you give yourself permission to scrutinize it.

It open my eyes to the universality of falsehood, but in my case, it open up vestas of understanding as revealed in the Revelation.

"Revelation"? Would that be the last book in the Bible, that in another thread, you have indicated is full of crap?

Take your meds, Michael --

Corrections, all translations are destined for the crapper. I read from the original tongues. For instance, you can not distinquish an Angel from a Messenger.

Who, from It.  Presence from Coming. Rock from Pebble. Generated out of, from Of.

There are two separate words for love, with different meanings. You can not distinquish the start of the Sabbath from the Passover Sabbath. You are not aware that you have no immortal soul to survive the body until you are actually born of the Spirit. Natural souls are not immortal and do not survive the body. A natural soul can only be  resurrected with its body. And can be destroyed forever in Gehenna, after Judgement day. This doctor in the news lately  that claims his soul left his body and went to Heaven while he was in a brain dead coma,  is contradicting the Judeo-Christian faith. If he were born of the Spirit it would be possible, but those of the  Body of Christ have these experience all the time, not just when they are brain dead.

Michael, fabricated bullshit may have more layers of fabricated bullshit in modern translations, but it is still fabricated bullshit in the original language.  Just because you refer to "original languages"  (just as I used to) doesn't mean that the stories you are reading in the original languages are true or even original.  I suggest you read "101 Myths of the Bible" by Gary Greenberg.  He does a great job of showing where the Old Testament stories came from.

With your limited understanding and young age be careful. After long study over many more years, I beg to differ. And be aware that "there are things older and fouler than Orcs in the deep places of the world"- Gandolf the Grey, The Lord of the Rings

First, Miguelito, never beg, it's undignified, unbecoming, and will never get you laid (I know, I've tried!).

Secondly, I assume that you would agree that The Bible and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, have about the same degree of credibility?

As a teenage Atheist, I agreed with you whole heartedly.

I watched, "Inherit the Wind", with a wiseguy smirk. How could grown ups be so silly. So, I read the book  from which the title of the movie was derived ( And also  inspired by the Shroud of Turin, whose debate is still raging)  low and behold, I was transformed into an  Agnostic, it all went to Heaven after that.

Since then i question the Shroud of Turin, but I still can't explain how a  3D image got there. This capablity is beyond any Leonardo Da Vinci, who has been rumored to created the image. This was a radiation event, no corpses can naturally produce such an image.

The last I read, the "Shroud of Turin" had been carbon-dated to the 13th or 14th century - AD.

As a teenager, you were an atheist, and now you're raving about last-days prophecies and "mega-fauna?" (though we haven't heard about that for awhile - they must have changed your meds!)

You seem like a decent guy when you're not all hopped up on religion - apparently that's your PCP!

Nobody is trying to "convert" you to atheism, conversions are the other side's style - most of us just want you to be a real person and talk to us like you're doing now. There are usually a lot of topics you can get in on, that don't involve religion at all.

You flatter this 40 year old woman, Michael!!

Wow you look young!


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