"Horror Movies Don't Scare Me because I'm an Atheist!" - Suggestions to people who say this

Write your suggestions for alternatives for people who feel this way. There are some supernatural movies that may scare you anyway, but if you're not scared of ghosts or demons at all, you may want to look to this forumn to see what people posted as alternatives.

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I almost forgot. The Mist is pretty good, I recently got it on blu ray and it looks great!. One of the best Stephen King film adaptations but I do recommend reading the Stephen King Short story first. The ending is different from the film version and in my opinion way better.

Frank Darabont directed The Mist and has said he would love to do a film version of one of my all time favorite King stories The Long Walk. Brilliant story that would make a fantastic film but I would rather David Fincher direct it. David Fincher Directed SE7EN another masterpiece.

If the DVD has both color and black and white versions (I think it does), watch the black and white. I think it's more effective and it has a kind of 1950's feel to it.

I remember years ago when I saw The Alien (the first one). I was an atheist, and I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep a couple nights. And, while I hate to admit it, I was watching it in the late evening and at one point I shut the movie down and finished it the next day during daylight hours. To my mind, it's still the scariest movie I've ever seen in terms of the effect the first viewing had on me.

Most horror productions are based on teasing out people's natural fears. It could be a monster under the bed or in the closet at night, a serial killer, sharks near the beach, or hungry aliens. We're naturally attuned to fear dangerous predators, spiders, snakes, and so on, to different degrees, and to feel at times that they (or other unknown threats) may be lurking out there even when not seen.

I'll bet that's also what leads gullible people to fear various imagined threats, too. (Some evil enemy is always out there, somewhere, planning to harm us. And sometimes it's true.)

Horror stories overlap with the mystery, science fiction and/or supernatural genres.

 I generally do not find supernatural horror stories to be scary, because the plots seem hokey and contrived. for example, in Stephen King's "Christine", a series of random accidents on the assembly line calls a demon to possesses the car. (In the movie the events are shown during the opening titles)

  There are many horror stories in the mystery and science fiction genres that I find more plausible, more believable and somewhat scary. These include <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t4LL30u484">"Corn"</a> and :"Congo"

Gary, learn to use the link option when composing. we don't want to see raw HTML. We want to see a hyperlink.

Sorry 'bout that. I'm accustomed to blogs where I have to type out the link.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t4LL30u484">Corn<...

Sorry 'bout that. I'm accustomed to having to type out the link

Trailer for the movie 'Corn'

was what I was aiming for

I've tried to enjoy horrors by suspending disbelief but I just can't do it. Maybe I'm being too critical and analytical but I just can't seem to throw out reality for two hours in order to be entertained. To me, horrors are more like comedy. I laugh when, say, the little girl-ghost with bloody pyjamas just stands there in the dark and always think what I'd do in that situation. As some here have said, what is supposed to surprise doesn't, You can see it coming a mile away. It's too try hard and I'd even go as far as to say insulting to one's intelligence. In the end they lose that element of surprise. 

Most horror movies, action movies, and thrillers depend to a great degree on stupid behavior to propel the plot. Just one common example. The protagonist has been located inside a building by a team of cops or bad guys, so what do they do? they run up to the roof. Duh! What are the options up there? Get shot or jump!

My wife is an avid horror film watcher, and I asked her whether she had seen any of the films you all have listed or mentioned above.  She has seen them all.  So I asked her what she would recommend as the most horror-orientated movie, and she tells me the Saw films, of which there are four or five.  Apparently.

Those, along with the Cube movies are not what I regard as part of the regular horror genre. They are actually a kind of blood and guts pornography. They don't frighten or scare so much as they engender a sense of revulsion, not just as to what you are watching, but as to why you are watching it.


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