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In a docu I watched a while ago they read random horoscopes to random people and 90% of them thought it applied to their life.

I know the vast majority of you folks will share my views on horoscopes and other kinds of superstitious voodoo nonsense, but what I am curious about is what do you think about other skeptics and non believers who believe (and some quite strongly) in horoscopes, or ghosts or whatever.

Is it just another form of religious belief? After all, they believe in something supernatural that has no evidence supporting it.

Sound off in the comments.

Sorry for the hastily written post, I am interested in your opinions but too busy to phrase this better.

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Hi, well writing as a former pagan.Please don't think less of me. Simple truth of it all comes down to wanting to two thing power for the powerless.(also known as wanting to be something special) the second no fault of your own if things don't go your way. Blaming it on any number of deities, the stars not in alignment, your horoscope anything but yourself. It is another form of religion and it is dangerous. there are people out there who think a spell or a non medically recognized herbal compound bought at the local pagan shop will cure the incurable .Then there are the ones who so desperately want to believe their dead family and friends can talk to them that they will pay anything to have that happen. Lonely a spell will clear that problem in no time. It is a world of false dreams and hopes.  

Hi, well writing as a former pagan.Please don't think less of me.

Many here are former Christians and Muslims, I would never think less of someone for beliefs they no longer hold. I wouldn't be much of an Emperor if I did.

@angela kozma; much is that lonely spell?  And do they have one that will make me the worlds greatest lover?...I'm willing to go $5 bucks for that one. ;)

Sorry, Gregg, but Saturn is moving into the second quadrant on your solar chart, and your planetary alignment is guiding you towards some introspection.  The loneliness you think you feel is simply the matching currents within you calling you to a period of introspective growth.  Heal your own aura before you consider allowing another to blend in with yours. 

Or there's Viagra.

Strega, you could write that shit for a living!

Cackles, I have the bullshit, bring on your barometer! 

Viagra is useless when you're alone. LOL

When you're alone Scotch is better. :D


Hi, well writing as a former pagan

Hey, watch it.  You are only allowed to disbelieve in Jesus Christ and Allah around here. :D

All kidding aside, I know a pagan couple, and one of them at least is QUITE serious about it.  Informed me when I visited them in California that some sort of ceremonial blade was illegal there (hey, if I am going to violate CA weapons law I ain't doing it for a mere knife, but the point is she expected me to be a pagan too even though she ought to know me better than that), and now that they have moved back here, earnestly informing me that Focus on the Family is going to be powerless now because she has cast some sort of spell on the ground their building is built on.  If only!

Some time after I post this link people will click on it.

Randi is like an uncle I wish I had when I was 7. I have noticed that the atheist spokespeople are generally a lot more entertaining than the religious public faces.

Damnit Reg! You are some sort of wizard.


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