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In a docu I watched a while ago they read random horoscopes to random people and 90% of them thought it applied to their life.

I know the vast majority of you folks will share my views on horoscopes and other kinds of superstitious voodoo nonsense, but what I am curious about is what do you think about other skeptics and non believers who believe (and some quite strongly) in horoscopes, or ghosts or whatever.

Is it just another form of religious belief? After all, they believe in something supernatural that has no evidence supporting it.

Sound off in the comments.

Sorry for the hastily written post, I am interested in your opinions but too busy to phrase this better.

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Not really Milos, it’s just that us Capricorns were born under the critical thinking star sign :-)


I believe. The moon exerts a massive force on the Earth which is visible in the tides. The moon affects water (I think by changing the hydrogen bonding of the water molecules) and we are made up of so much water. The moon affects water, we are large part water. The moon affects the emotional body. And so on.

The affects each planet has on us and each other is massive. Those affects are in constant flux but following a regular cycle.

My only beef with astrology is that Western and Vedic astrology are different (Vedic supposedly more accurate) and you might be an aries in Wetsern but a Pisces in Vedic. So either one is wrong or it's all bollocks.

Jesus walked on water . Cucumbers are 90 % water . I can walk on cucumbers . I guess that makes me 90 % Jesus .

You sir, have just won the internet.

Ray, I may have to worship you.

I've walked on pure water before.

Of course, it was in solid form.

I walk on pure 100% water every time it rains.  I'm a doG, worship me...I COMMAND YOU!!!


Ok, so far the replies have been what I expected.

But we seem to be hitting only half of the topic. We all know believers who read horoscopes and all that woo, but what about non believers?

What do you think? What makes a non believer, someone who should have a functioning bullshit detector, fall for horoscopes, homeopathy, ghosts and the like?

@Emperor Milos;


Non-believers who do not divorce themselves from ALL forms of faith supported ideas and concepts instead of evidence supported ideas and concepts are still BELIEVERS.

Your Humble Servant,

Gregg R. Thomas

I absolutely agree.

What I am trying to understand is how they can still go around and call themselves skeptics, or even laugh at other faith based beliefs while reading a horoscope or looking for four leaf clovers. I want to figure out at what point does the 'be rational' switch get turned off, and why.

It is exactly the same phenomenon that gets Xians to laugh at other religions, and vice versa.  One man's religion is another man's bellylaugh.

It's just that in this particular case the person in question thinks they have no religion but is unaware that what they are following is nevertheless still a religion.


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