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In a docu I watched a while ago they read random horoscopes to random people and 90% of them thought it applied to their life.

I know the vast majority of you folks will share my views on horoscopes and other kinds of superstitious voodoo nonsense, but what I am curious about is what do you think about other skeptics and non believers who believe (and some quite strongly) in horoscopes, or ghosts or whatever.

Is it just another form of religious belief? After all, they believe in something supernatural that has no evidence supporting it.

Sound off in the comments.

Sorry for the hastily written post, I am interested in your opinions but too busy to phrase this better.

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I don't believe in horoscopes at all, but I think people find them fun to read, like fortune cookies.

I agree with that. I will always read my fortune cookie. Not because I think it has any truth to it ( it is never even fortune, just random statement like "You are awesome") but I read it just because it is there. I read anything within reach, and the cookies are tasty. Horoscopes, I don't read because I would have to go out of my way to find it. If it was on the table next to me, I would read it eventually, but I would read all of them, and then chuckle at how ridiculous they are.

On to ghosts and other things...

My brother's girlfriend doesn't believe in god, but she thinks ghosts and souls exist. Not sure what her opinion on horoscopes is, but I will ask my brother when I talk to him next time and we can discuss.

Her belief in ghosts is more for the sake of lessening her fear of death, because "she wants to think that we don't just stop existing." In other words, it makes her feel warm and fuzzy.

But I have heard in several places of skeptics who will walk backwards 3 steps if a black cat crosses their path, or won't walk under a ladder, or open an umbrella indoors, and some who actually think that horoscopes are real.

Great topic.  Isn't it amazing that every single person you meet will know which starsign they were 'born under'.  The concept of dividing the world's population into twelve categories, based on the date their biological parents had sex and conceived them is beyond rational.  So you were born in March?  This makes you and all other people born around the same time of the year, classifiable as a group?  All 583 million of you will "have an interesting conversation with a family member" or "feel unsettled as the new moon aligns with Pluto in the fourth quadrant"? 

It's mind-blowing to think of people avidly reading some arbitrary comment printed in some magazine and allocated to themselves as part of this 583 million strong "category" of people. 

I remember years ago, some young woman in an office sniping snide remarks when I had asked for some information on her project, and another woman whispering to me, "don't worry, she's a Pisces female" as if that was some fundamental license for irritable behaviour.

And don't get me started on compatibility matters.  Every time I hear, " he/she is a Scorpio, my most compatible sign" I feel like throwing up.  Yet people seek this kind of insane 'astrological' confirmation of their choice of mate as if it were perfectly rational.  How can that be rational?  "Oh, we don't get along, I'm a Capricorn and he/she is Taurus, you know, we butt heads".  Grow up a bit - you just wrote off 583 million people who you can't get along with?  Oh please.

Yeah, I have encountered people like that as well. Some who knew EVERY sign and their "traits" but didn't know anything of importance.

What I am curious about is what is your take on skeptics and atheists who fall for horoscopes? Not just read them for fun, but actually take them seriously.

I have to confess to watching Ghost Adventures.  Not because I believe in ghosts (I don't) but because I get a kick out of it.  It's so silly and the guys are so intense, that's it's just fun to see.  I also love watching supernatural movies as well.  I like the visceral feeling of being scared, even knowing it's not real.  I don't take any thoughts with me when I am done watching, it doesn't keep me up at night.  It's just a good time.

Horoscopes are like cold readings.  We can all apply them to ourselves and I think that is why people feel something when reading them.  Remember, Nancy Reagan used to consult astrologers to help the President make important decisions. 

I have to confess to watching Ghost Adventures.  Not because I believe in ghosts (I don't) but because I get a kick out of it.  It's so silly and the guys are so intense, that's it's just fun to see.

When I had cable I used to watch Ghost Hunters; plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night! TAPS!

I also watched Paranormal State with my old super religious college roommate. Same reason as TAPS, but also because this guy took this stuff uber seriously and it was funny to talk to him about it afterwards.

Just because someone doesn't believe in gods does not mean that they are rational.

Yeah, but you'd think that since they already have the bullshit detector working they would apply it to other kinds of supernatural beliefs.

What do you mean superstitious voodoo?  That there is Louisiana science, and you kint knock it nun till you done tried it, y'hears.   

Do you realize that I once was connected to the FBI in a way and one of the agents told me that Louisiana was so strange and so dangerous that when agents were assigned to work over a case there that no one wanted to go. They always felt as if they were entering a completely separate, and not well researched  world where fat stupid sheriffs actually ran the place. I wonder how far that is from the reality too. Not far would be my guess. Some strange people there--but many good ones too.

Truthfully, I have a hard time even talking with those who claim belief in voodoo, horoscopes, ghosts, bigfoot, the chupacabra, UFO's, souls, god(S) and their followers, Republican traditionalists, talking in tongues, snake dancers, and fundies.  All are mentally warped, and most are not treatable because of the depth of their delusions. It's a mental illness, severe stupidity, or just batshit, wooo-woo crazy.   

Now pardon me, I gotta go make a new doll what looks like you and sharpen me a few rusty pins. Yer is getting yers fer putting down voodoo--are wun true science here in the swamps whar alligetters is tasty and the livin' are purty good. Gal-dang right, son!    

The belief that the movement of celestial bodies can influence the future lives of a certain species of ape on a certain planet is typical of human arrogance/solipsism and ridiculous anthropomorphism. People who believe in horoscopes tend to be religious too on average. Sometimes it feels like the lunatics are running the asylum - as the pile of woo is shit-thick deep. 

My mom believes in astrology and psychics. It kind of ticks me off. Like if she's having a bad day she'll say "Mars is in retrograde" or something like that. Because that explains everything. And she spends money to go talk to a medium. But yes, I read the horoscopes in the back of Cosmo just for fun (and to see which celebrities have birthdays close to mine).

Oh, and another one of my family members is a paranormal investigator. So there's that.

My mom believes in astrology and psychics.... and another one of my family members is a paranormal investigator.

You must have some great stories! Do share.

I wish! Unfortunately I don't. :P


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