I absolutely hate this practice. The deceit and utter bs of it being my major issues. I guess if these people were still in some way dedicated to the greater good of society it would not have been so bad. But the fact that they live in a state of pretence showing themselves to the world as "intellectual" people with scientific backgrounds really gets me going.

Was just wondering if anyone else have the same pet hate. And would like to talk about it. Not that there is much to say about how crap it is. But I have started an awareness group on FB that is relevant to SA the country that I live in. 

But I really feel that I need to get into the face of the public. Which I suppose is easier said than done.

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Homeopathy is taking some substance and diluting it and diluting it and diluting it to somewhere like one part in a thousand parts water. What they're selling is literally water. The idea is that this tiny dilution of the substance is like a vaccination. It is supposed to cause the body to react to it and heal itself. Its all bullshit because the more dilute something is, the stronger they consider it to be. It drives me nuts.

Now if you can stand that, my sister in law is heavily into Reiki. Waving your fingers around, channeling the "energy of the universe", OMG, she makes me crazy.
It's obvious that James Randi is immune to death.
As a result, it seems the only logical thing to do is set up a religion/cult focused on his obvious supernatural powersd and claim tax-exempt status.



Me and my family did the same thing in support of the 10:23 Campaign of skeptics in the U.K. Here is a link to the video.

I abhor homeopathy and all its pseudoscience cousins. It makes me absolutely crazy when people defend it or give it the least bit of credibility.   People just want to believe in magic, that's all I can figure.   But it does get under my skin, big time.   


Try to debate someone who believes in it and you will feel like you're bashing your head against a stone wall.  I have a sis-in-law who believes in all that shit.  I love her but most days I want to choke her.

I think the problem comes with the idea that modern medicines are derived from plants and plant substitutes.

My mother has a PhD in Biochemistry which she earned many years ago and, due to the arrival of my sister and I never continued on with. She never did any research on the "theories" behind homeopathy in her time as a PhD student or therafter. While she understands the basic premise that homeopathy is a complete load, there is doubt in her mind because of the idea that plants and modern medicine are connected in some ways.


All you need is a shred of doubt to allow a new belief to grow. That can work for or against atheists and skeptics. Homeopaths don't have to tell people the reasons that homeoptahy "works", they only have to sow the seeds of doubt with technically true but misrepresented facts such as the plant to medicine connection.


anyway. this was a bit of a ramble, i apologize. the point is, doubt is a powerful tool. The fact the Homeopaths manipulate it to deceive people is what really pisses me off.

Hey, hey now, people...

Homeopathy WORKS!!!

Why, just the other day, I used an herbal remedy, heavily diluted in H2O to cure what ailed me...

And the amazing part is, IT WORKED!

Now for the punchline: The 'herbal remedy' (aspirin), diluted in my stomach, after drinking plenty of water (and an hour or two to let it settle in), actually did cure my ailment (hangover)...

In reality, homeopathy is a bunch of bullshit. Every time I see some snake-oil salesman selling 'magical' water to morons, I want to kick him in the head. Fuck pseudoscience, and the horse it rode in on...



hey.... that's super dangerous. the guy who drinks the homeopathic drink might die of alcohol poisoning.... it's far too reckless. haha.
To paraphrase Hank Hill on tattoos and piercing - I'm glad some people accept Homeopathy because I can tell right away who just ain't right.
Hank Hill seems to have all the answers, doesn't he?

As far as building public awareness of the dangers of homeopathy, I have tried to start by educating people that they should not be promoting The Huffington Post in any way. HuffPo is no friend to the reality-based community and has been one of the biggest proponents of homeopathy and other dangerous forms of woo.


This has been a real challenge, and I continue to see many atheists link to HuffPo, retweet their articles, etc. For those of us who are bothered by homeopathy, we can do better. Here are some more examples of why we need to let go of HuffPo.


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