War is inevitable but if this world had absolutely no religious affiliation and a truely free market would there still be war?

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People will never agree on absolutely everything, and that continues with how they solve such conflicts (violently or peaceably).
"War is not merely a political act, but also a political instrument, a continuation of political relations, a carrying out of the same by other means," - Carl von Clauswitz

What is notable about this aphorism, in the context of this discussion, is that war is an extension of politics.

I'm curiuous, in fact, as to whether there has ever been a war that has had religion as the sole motivator. Anyone?
Go back a thousand years and religions were governments. Wars were their political instruments of religion.

Of course, you will always find some sort of economic or resource imbalance involved as well, even in a theocracy. Few men are eager to go off to war when they have a full belly and a woman's attention. Probably the public desire for some material gain is focused by a political will to war.
War is way to complex for the removal of a single element to really make all that much of a dent in it. It would be nice to know that people aren't warring over or in the name of imaginary friends though.

I don't see how a truly free market would make any difference whatsoever in the rate of war. I would think that a truly free market would increase the incidence of war over resources and access to them.
An acquaintance just told me that the U.S. is going to triple the size of the Marine Corps. Apparently there will continue to be plenty of jobs in that line of work.
Watch how much war breaks out when earth starts running out of oil.
Without unreasonable people there would be no religions, but without religions the unreasonable people are still here. Unreasonable, stupid, greedy, ignorant, etc.
I was just thinking that we could classify the Korean conflict as a religious war of sorts. After all, the north sees it's leader as God.
Oh yes, that is so true. A few years ago Diane Sawyer went there and did an in-depth documentary. In North Korea they teach their children from a very early age that (what's his name King Dong Ill) or something like that (please forgive my ignorance) is God of all, Lord of their universe, and he and his decendents to be worshipped and revered forever and ever Amen.

Students in college are interviewed and a young woman said she wanted to be a scientist in order to please her leader. They have huge pictures of him everywhere and he makes Jesus Christ look like a small time player in comparison. Well I doubt they have even ever heard of Jesus Christ over there.

You should have seen the little five years old looking just like creepy little automatons singing and playing instruments in praise of their leader.

I think it is possibly much worse than Christianity could ever think about being.


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