Holy shyte! Marissa Mayer's Yahoo getting more visits than Google!

I must admit, I haven't made the change yet, but a lot of people are now going to Yahoo before they go to Google.

Recently, when people have paid any attention to Yahoo at all, they've really just been talking about its headline-grabbing CEO, Marissa Mayer. But her year-long tenure trying to turn around the aging Internet behemoth has gained her more than just fawning personal profiles. Yahoo is actually getting a ton of Internet traffic.

On Wednesday, comScore, an independent web analytics company, released a report indicating that Yahoo's slew of websites -- everything from Flickr to Yahoo Finance -- actually got more web traffic than Google. In aggregate, 197 million people visited Yahoo's sites in the month of July. Gmail, Google's search engine and rest of Google's sites received 192 million unique visitors during that same period. (source)

I have to admit that Yahoo's main page is one helluva lot more interesting than Google's rather spare main page, assuming that you just want to do a search, and forcing you to use a link at the top in case you want to anything else. I think this is why relatively few of us use Google as the first page that pops up when we open our browser. For me it's CNN, because I'm a news junkie, If it weren't CNN, I might use bing.com because of the pretty pictures they put up daily. However, looking at Yahoo's main page, I can sure see why people would use it as the first page they see.

Yahoo enticed Marissa Mayer away from Google, and boy is that hire ever paying off!

Any comments?

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