I just saw this while looking for something else:



Isn't it just amazing hypocrisy that christians (haloheads) will use scientific facts and arguments (Often incorrectly stated, applied of both) to attack another faith, but then blow stacks when someone uses scientific theory and facts (Much more likely to be stated and applied correctly) to refute christian beliefs like the earth could be stopped on it's axis at a command without triggering awesome disasters and such?


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The funniest thing in the article was this:


Life support conditions are calculated to be absurdly rare in our universe. Even with the existing hundred billion trillion stars out to the limits of the universe the possibility of finding even one planet with the right conditions for life is less than one in one hundred quintillion.

Yes... and haven't they just revised the estimate that they not think there could be approximately 2 billion planets in OUR galaxy alone that fall into the 'habitable zone'?  (This is up from the 500 million they previously estimated)


and what are there... 100 million galaxies?  Oh... someone do the math... 

Actually, think we are in the billions of galaxies now, and that is just in the observable universe. (Which is estimated to be less than 2% of the total universe.)

The probability of finding even one planet with the right conditions for life is one.


I found it. We call it Earth, it doesn't make sense as two thirds of the surface is covered with water, but that's OK.

ZING! I would said the same


That figure discounts the tremendous advances in exo-planet research in the last few years. We are now at the point where we can discover exo-planets optically instead of just through gravitational interactions with stars. We have the Kepler telescope dedicated to that task alone. There are currently 54 candidates that are thought to lie within their stars' habitable zones. The Kepler team estimates that 6% of all stars have Earth-size planets


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