It all started when I saw this posted on my grandmas Facebook page
WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn to speak English. And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, JESUS CHRIST, And the AMERICAN SOLIDER. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. If you agree... copy and paste in your status

After seeing so many people post crap about god this and god that and god is so wonderful i decided to post this

 I have a question for all my friends who subscribe to the Bible... Have any of you actually read the WHOLE Book Cover To Cover?

I was upset about finding out that I have PCOS and poking fun at religion seamed like a good detraction. what a mistake that was.... now my head hurts and i cant believe i thought to post that.

The conversation continued with me asking if you have read it then how can you believe it with all the crap thats int here rape, murder, child abuse. Never got my question answered other then no or yes i have read the bible.

after like 100 comments it gets turned on to me and asking me how i can have a religion in evolution and then GRAVITY... 
"Where does gravity come from?....After I ask these questions I finally come to consider the maker."   This is more then Facepalm this is my head hurts. wow how do you respond to that one..  this same person goes one to say "I did pay much attention, but as far as the why behind the known, they could not explain the where or why. I'm sure my questions can not be answered from the most learned."   

Then other goes to say this  "because i dont believe in atheism that doesnt mean i didnt understand i do know where you comming from but where you went takes more faith because ther is no proof can i show you prophecy (and prophecy has to be 100%), science in the Bible? archeology? yes." wow  do you guys want the whole conversation? 
these guys are my friends and i dont know if i should continue the converstation or just find a way to end it.

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oh dear...
You have disturbed the hornets nest. Good luck reasoning with unreasonable people (on this subject, at least).
"Where does gravity come from?....After I ask these questions I finally come to consider the maker."

I too worship the Higgs Boson, the mass particle, and its maker the LHC.
Well it kinda did continue in somewhat respectful manner and then slowly lost interest from other parties and they quit replying.

The Conversation included statements like "which are you agnostic or atheist you cant be both cause agnostic atheist is an Oxymoron"

when they repeatedly asked us to explain evolution, big bang, and gravity and when they didn't understand, we would refer them to a web site or a video that explained it better. They refused to look at the evidence cause of our own short comings of being unable to educate them. One friend would constantly use the word logic as if you were to think for yourself to reword something ie: "Like is said Im using my own words logic. Im not copying and pasting what others say i've many things and putting it in my own words."

I Purposed to them to look at the world through the eyes of evolution as if everything evolved. that would mean taking of their Christian goggles. I told them to see the would as I do. Its so much more to see it that way in the orchestra of life then to see that it is that way cause GOD DID IT!

After that conversation I deiced to share my journey to atheism in a note on FB tittled Rejoicing in Losing my Religion it was meant to be something beautiful, a healthy free share of ideas and understanding right off the bat my friend stated the crap flinging I dis liked his comments so much that i copied pasted into a new note and tagged him there where he could continue his crap throwing. then after another god believer(not sure what she believe but i believe she is an agnostic theist) shot him down he went and started something on his page stating the atheist had faith just like a monotheist "You r totally off from what I am stating, read it again my point is atheism is based on faith not by sight just like monotheism. My point with atheism is that it claims its not a religion when it is. " and the crap flinging continued. I did my best to be respectful, as others were not and sadly my husband was one of them. but he has since apologized for his disrespect, no one else has. It turned ugly and now the defriending has started... im not sure why i was defriended but it has been very confusing.
I appreciate your post. I am on the verge of having the same experience. It started with me posting a few mildly irreverent pictures and comments on my Facebook wall as a gut reaction to the frankly insulting assumptions that I share their religious and political views. Since my Facebook "friends" are mostly family and friends of family maybe I should retreat and withdraw before I am ostracized and unfriended by all. I think your tagline "Holy Crap what have I done?" pretty much says it all, but let me know if in the long run the battle was worth it.
I know what you mean Chucky. I wondered if the Scarlet A week would find me with casualties as former friends. Not a single negative comment or lost friend. But then again, I've never hidden my non-belief, I just don't antagonize the issue. I probably tip toe more than I like, but they are my friends so I cut them some slack... a lot of slack.
You tip toe eh? Lol. Damn big toes.
I sometimes wonder about the "unfriending" thing. Maybe it's not such a bad thing.
People kill for Jesus, but that fucking bullet don't give a damn who you think is protecting you. It only follows the laws of physics.

I love how people sometimes think God is an American.
Yikes! I almost ended up there with my sister, who enthusiastically claimed to enjoy debating her beloved Christianity. (My poor sister ends up here a lot, but I swear, she's SO awesome and I love her dearly despite her religious tendencies!) She tried to tell me that faith in god was like faith in the wind: you can't see it, but you know it exists. Well, obviously I told her I've never watched god blow a tree over while I have seen the wind do that, and then I gave her the scientific explanation of how wind works. This got no response. She changed tactics by sending me an article about a man who once didn't believe and then changed his mind. It was a bunch of unconvincing blather.

The point here is, I had to put a stop to it. The Bible quotations as "proof" and other silliness made me finally tell her I just couldn't do it anymore. So, I think it's perfectly acceptable to "drop out" of your own FB conversation, or put up a pleasant, non-offensive rebuttal and excuse yourself ever so politely from this fabulous uproar.

Good luck!
Give them all Victor Stengers book, "God The Failed Hypothesis" . See if you can un-brainwash any of them.


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