It all started when I saw this posted on my grandmas Facebook page
WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn to speak English. And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, JESUS CHRIST, And the AMERICAN SOLIDER. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. If you agree... copy and paste in your status

After seeing so many people post crap about god this and god that and god is so wonderful i decided to post this

 I have a question for all my friends who subscribe to the Bible... Have any of you actually read the WHOLE Book Cover To Cover?

I was upset about finding out that I have PCOS and poking fun at religion seamed like a good detraction. what a mistake that was.... now my head hurts and i cant believe i thought to post that.

The conversation continued with me asking if you have read it then how can you believe it with all the crap thats int here rape, murder, child abuse. Never got my question answered other then no or yes i have read the bible.

after like 100 comments it gets turned on to me and asking me how i can have a religion in evolution and then GRAVITY... 
"Where does gravity come from?....After I ask these questions I finally come to consider the maker."   This is more then Facepalm this is my head hurts. wow how do you respond to that one..  this same person goes one to say "I did pay much attention, but as far as the why behind the known, they could not explain the where or why. I'm sure my questions can not be answered from the most learned."   

Then other goes to say this  "because i dont believe in atheism that doesnt mean i didnt understand i do know where you comming from but where you went takes more faith because ther is no proof can i show you prophecy (and prophecy has to be 100%), science in the Bible? archeology? yes." wow  do you guys want the whole conversation? 
these guys are my friends and i dont know if i should continue the converstation or just find a way to end it.

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Boy oh boy, you're preachin' to the choir on this one...or something like that.
Ouch is right. These conversations can have consequences. If you feel that their friendship is very important then see if it is possible to end the discussion with something like "can we all agree that we won't agree and move on?". This doesn't always work but good luck.

As an example: My brother is a devout Christian and in hindsight we should have "agreed to disagree" years ago. We were having one of our "discussions" and were banging away at each other when out of the blue he started attacking my kids...things like them being corrupt, whores, etc. I guess I must have said something that really threatened his core beliefs. I took a somewhat slight dislike to these statements and responded sharply (almost had to physically restrain my Christian wife from kicking his ass). This caused an 8 year period of no communication with him. My family finally met with him a couple of months ago and everything was civil, but cool. There was no mention of religion at all. I guess we are now at the point of "agree to disagree".
That is one of my personal "favorites." Why do we still have this victorian era mentality when it comes to females and sex? Daughter has sex - she's a whore. Son has sex - atta boy, at least he ain't gay! This needs to stop.
Religious people tend to be against any kind of personal pleasure, some of our laws are nothing more than policing "sin". Victimless crimes especially.
I'm lucky, none of my family members believe in superstition, and I have acquaintances that are religious,one fishing buddy is a cult pastor, but none of my close friends is religious either. I don't know if that's by choice or nature, probably both . Someone inclined to believe in the b.s. that is religion wouldn't typically interest me and vice versa.
Facebook continues to be a medium of dissension; so many stories here on T|A about people who've dipped their toe into religious discussions with their family (myself included). It's so hard to resist playing into their hands with they make such stupid comments!!!

What bugs me the most about the above quote your grandmother posted is that this country was stolen from the Native Americans... and not just by English speaking people, either! Spaniards helped shape the country into what it is, so I'd say Spanish should have as big of a foothold as English, if not more so (not to mention the fact that Texas was stolen from Mexico). Sheesh! They sure are hypocritical, short-sighted and full of double standards.

Sorry you got burned... but maybe it's for the best. Who needs friends like those?
I'm an Australian in high school and am in a mid-upper class family who are very tolerant in regards to religion. I couldn't count on both hands how many people I have told I’m atheist and yet I have NEVER encountered someone who is willing to argue about my atheism. I have told three religious education teachers that I am atheist and all have been very open-minded about this.

Can someone please tell me why I haven't experienced the phenomenon of the fanatical Christian? Is it luck, geography, society or some other factor?
Luck of geography, society, and culture. Fundamentalism Christianity is rife in the United States and even nice people will persecute you for being an atheist.
Holy Crap what have I done?



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