I was spending some of my lunch time today looking up some background information on an old, favorite song of mine - "Children of the Sun" by Billy Thorpe. When my eldest son and I were riding in the car recently that song came on. I was singing (enthusiastically, even if I was off-key ;) ), and my son thought it was a really kewl song as well. He was surprised that I could remember the words (you know how it is - to your teen kids you're "ancient", and as such incapable of remembering anything), and asked me about the song. I explained that, if I remember correctly, Billy Thorpe had the idea to turn it into a full rock opera/musical, similar to The Who's "Tommy". So I decided to look up the song and get some background info for him. Boy, did I fall down a rabbit hole on THAT search...


I found this very strange site - ChildrenOfTheSun.org. You have GOT to check it out. Most of the stuff on the front page is similar to this:

Children of the Sun's charity to Earth is in ensuring we form global Group Avatar, empty of self and one with coherently connected, ascended and free Divine Consciousness. We serve for the fulfillment of the highest potential of all Humanity and the new I AM Race on Ascended Earth.


Children of the Sun facilitates the Unified Field Healing and Activation Program. These personal sessions accelerate processes of transformation and clear limiting patterns of consciousness that inhibit full freedom.

or how about:

The planetary Crystalline Grid also referred to as the Grid of Christ Consciousness, is a higher dimensional system of energy transfer and communication... our new consciousness matrix!


Excuse my language, but -


What. The. F*ck?


I am a UU (a humanist/atheist as well) - and generally UUs try to be not only tolerant, but also supportive of people's "spiritual journeys". This means that we do our best to provide a community that is supportive of people as they try to understand and make sense of their spiritual beliefs - or lack thereof. A large portion of UUs are humanists, atheists, agnostics, etc., as well as Wiccans, Druids, "recovering" Christians from various religious backgrounds, and much, much more. But when I read the "collection of words" from ChildrenOfTheSun.org (calling it "language" implies that it is understandable), it strains my UU tolerance and understanding to their limits.


There's something else that bothers me about the people behind ChildrenOfTheSun.org, and it sent a chill down my spine. The minute I saw it and read some of it I was struck with a terrifying sense of déjà vu - it reminded me of the tragic Heaven's Gate cult, and their eventual mass suicide. Now, I know some of you are too young to remember Heaven's Gate (yet again, I feel old ;) ); so for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about them in this Wikipedia article, or you can actually visit their web site - it is still online, and remains unchanged since the mass suicide tragedy.


I'd love to hear other's perspectives on that site or the people behind it.


And figuratively speaking, I'm sure Billy Thorpe would be rolling over in his grave if he saw this.



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just what the world needs, another cult.

I second that :(

Wikipedia is a great source of information about cults, but then again it depresses me...


Rocky-  I just went and checked out their site.  Cookoo for cocoa puffs!  Here is one of my favorite blurbs...

"We are a little more than just two years away from the first ascension gateway. Our preparatory passage through the years of 2011 and 2012 is the most  important phase of all of our earthly embodiments combined. It is imperative that a certain number of us make full transition into the new I AM Avatar consciousness blueprint in order to blaze the way for the rest of Humanity to follow."

They do sound like the Heaven's Gate folks.  I bet we will be hearing more about them. Thanks for sharing.

Holy crap indeed! But there is method in their madness. Reading their simple 3 step program, which surprisingly consist of (and I quote here): 


Step 1 - Synchronize your desired time for receipt of transmission to these four global hourly times...

Step 2 - Suggested donation for this service is $33 .... 


Message here is give us money for some spiritual reward.  Almost like the Catholic church selling indulgences. 



Something that the Catholic church hasn't done since the sixteenth century.
I think it was Aristotle who said:  "There is no idea, so patently absurd, that someone won't believe it!"

Funnest thing in the website: Click here and at the bottom of the page, you'll see this:


Suggested donation for this service is $33.


but that's not the funny part, this BALLSY-BULLSHIT is:


Giving brings divine balance to the act of receiving. Through the act of giving, you create greater opening for receiving to take place. This is Universal Law. To understand this is a necessary step in our transition to abundant living.

...reasoning fail...UTTER FAIL....

Actually heaven's gate is what immediately crossed my mind as well. They seem to be preparing to 'transcend' and within the next year or so too. Hopefully law enforcement is keeping an eye on these people.
Rocky -- As a fellow UU I know exactly why you were inspired to frame your comments that way. If your church is like mine, you must hear some weird ass stuff from some fellow members now and then ... but nothing as weird as this. They remind me more of the Solar Temple cult, which predated Heavens Gate slightly and also ended with mass suicides.
Creepy, I was in high school when the whole Heaven's Gate thing happened. Does anyone else notice how these bat-shit crazy cults just misuse big words and technical jargon when they talk about transcendence? A Call to all Light Servers for Greater Application? The Super-Electron? What?

Yeah, about that... I worry more about those evolutionary rejects called Creativity Movement, now this guys are actually atheist buuuuut, and there is a big buuuut, they are white supremacist :(

Now on to the topic. As an evolution-lover I say: die, make room for others, buuuuut I'm a humanist and I actually don't know how to help this people, they have to help themselves first they have to stop listening to those strange interpretations of the upanishads (this is the thing from whence all that inner light-the world is not real-quantum mechanic-chopra raping comes from). Whenever I hear 'the Divine light' I remember all those twisted interpretations of upanishads, Kali kults and so on.

But all I have read about this group sounds a lot like mad ravings of that entropy riding dinosaur David Icke... he also talks about grids, Divine light, sun worship and collective conciousness, and of course, blood sucking shape-shifting paedophile reptilians that live in a hollow moon.

All we can do is wait.


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