I was at a yard sale yesterday and picked up a copy of Dianetics for a quarter. This got me looking into other "holy" books. I already have the bible, but I am scared to request a copy of the book of Mormon from www.Mormon.org because I don't want Mormons possibly showing up at my house and gaining entry to my home when only my mother in law is home. We had Jehovia's Witnesses that kept coming for weeks because she was too nice to tell them to piss off. Also I heard that they will baptize you without your permission (I know for a fact that they do this with the dead, I knew a Mormon in Junior High and she told me about that) and I don't want them using my name without my permission as a member of their church. I guess I have a few questions to pose for you all...

Do you have any other ideas of how I could get a copy of the book of Mormon? What are some other "holy" books that I should check out? I am looking into getting a copy of the Koran aleady.




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This is an easy one, Star.

Stay at any Marriott -- they're in every desk drawer in the Marriott hotel rooms!

I usually hide them from the maids. I put them behind the iron in the closet or something -- just to keep them guessing for a while. :-)

That's where I got my Gideon version of the bible. Just goes to show how unoriginal the Mormons are.


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