With 20th May approaching, I have seen an increase in the messages (on Facebook, You Tube
and blogs) from Muslims who are rallying to call off the event “Everybody Draw
Muhammad Day”. Most of them give the reason that “it hurts and offends them”,
however some of them argue that if Holocaust denial does not get treated as
freedom of expression than why should drawing caricature of their prophet be
treated as free speech.

Personally I wouldn’t draw a parallel between poking fun at Holocaust and drawing a cartoon of a medieval war
lord. Making fun of victims of Nazi cruelty would be equal to making fun of
Bosnian victims of genocide or innocent civilians who die in a suicide attack.
But does this contradict freedom of speech claims?  There are indeed many European countries that
have a law against Holocaust denial and such statements are punishable there. Is
it justifiable that Holocaust should be protected by a law that denies free

I am kind of lost in this primarily I cannot come up with a decent argument and would appreciate
comments/feedbacks/insights from you folks.

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Free speech, I believe, should be total. I don't think that making fun of their prophet is nearly as bad as denying the Holocaust, but I realize as an anti-theist I'm incredibly biased. This reminds me of Voltaire's quote "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Hopefully more people won't have to die for liberties such as free speech, but I believe that this powerful notion helps the U.S. be what it is. I don't feel much like an American, but I admire the U.S.A.'s free speech laws, and appreciate it. I heard somewhere that the "hammer" of the law is blunt; not a fine instrument. I agree with this. If a government starts banning certain types of speech, it's easy it to fall into censorship. Perhaps they won't become a place like China or Australia, but government would be limiting the rights of its people. I may not always agree with free speech per se, but I do realize its importance.

It is precisely because of free speech that I can say this: Muhammad and Jesus are butt-buddies.
Isn't free speech a grand thing? I think so.
If Jesus, Muhammad, Vishnu, and Superman got into a free for all. . .
Exactly, free speech is a grand thing!
Charles, This is so moving, Something so reasonable and so logic as you state should be a belief for all. We all know that evil will always exist in some and the records must be put straight once and for all.
When I was a child I was taken to the cinema to see Bambi, and when it was time for the PatheNews, parents were asked to take their children in to the foyer. As would most children, especially one so curious as myself, turned round and saw men being put in ovens . I could see they were alive as there was movement. This scene has stayed with me up to this present time.
My uncle returned from a camp, a shell of himself. The Holocust was real, take it from me.

If (and when ever) I am able to visit Europe, I will make it a point to take my son for a tour of those camps and other memorial sites so he can learn about this dark part of history first hand. It might be overwhelming for him, but I am sure he will grow up into a man who will not remain silent when another group of fascist plan something horrendous.

I am sorry to hear about your personal experience.
Charles, thanks for your comments. Just to make it clear, I do not deny the events related to Holocaust and I do know that it is one of the worst moments in our history. I have argued with many Holocaust denialist and have tried to put some sense in them (though I have not always been successful).

I do not for a moment doubt the historicity of these barbarous acts nor do I doubt the unimaginable suffering of millions, but my question is that is it still freedom of speech if some idiot denies this historical atrocity?
Thanking god for dead soldiers is wayyyy worse then a caricature.
as far as Everybody Draw Muhammad Day...I'm drawing that profit along with Jesus and any other one I can think of.


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