This Google Group Is an attempt to tie in spirituality with science. If I'm not mistaken, DK has found some vector patterns and related it to his own religious symbols. He has also taken the time to add some prayer and Socrates quotes.

Spirituality and Science?

It seems harmless, unless this becomes another cration attempt.
Has anyone seen this before, or know of any other emerging spiritual science ideologies?

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The most noble effort nowadays to link spirituality and science, so to speak is currently being down by Dr. Henry Markram under project Blue Brain. He is building virtual models of the neocortex and has actually induced gamma oscillations suspected to be critical to consciousness. The most amazing thing is that he and his researchers have no understanding of this from first principles. One day the virtual simulation just exhibited this response. Mathematically, the neuro-network, at least geometry constitutes a nonlinear tiling problem subject to the same mathematics as that known in Hilbert Space. Roger Penrose first posed this possibility in "The Emperor's New Mind" and offers it as a mathematical construct to explain the formation of quasi-crystal structures in nature. Quasi-crystals can not form unless they know a priori where they are going since the crystal has 5-fold symmetry. This impossibility is overcome by the Quantum wave of possibilities describe by Hilbert space collapsing to a certain state. I have written software to collapse the states of a Trinomino tiling problem. Trinomino's which are simply T shape will tile a plane aperiodically as oppose to periodic tiles observed lets say in a checkerboard pattern.



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