Hobby Lobby Just Wants To Share Craft Supplies And Christ With You
By Laura Northrup

The big box craft store Hobby Lobby famously places full-page, Christian-themed ads every Easter in newspapers in the markets where it has stores. They also make this message the centerpiece of their Web site during the period right before and after Easter.

Sarah tells Consumerist that she noticed this when she visited the chain's site to print out a coupon, and wrote to the company to tell them that she was offended. A Hobby Lobby representative answered that he was sorry that she was offended, but the company believes that it would conversely be "truly insensitive" not to share their religious message with all customers, Christian or not.


I, a non-Christian, visited Hobby Lobby's website to print off a coupon before visiting their store. But after seeing their home page (image attached), I felt maybe I ought to go someplace else. And after contacting them about it (thread to follow), I was sure of it. Enjoy!

[Sarah's original e-mail:]

As a non-Christian customer of Hobby Lobby, I find these messages to be very exclusive and insensitive. I feel quite alienated and today I'm taking my business to Michael's, where the staff isn't concerned with my spirituality, but with my satisfaction as a customer.

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry that you felt our message was exclusive and insensitive. That is not our intention. We feel that we are being inclusive and very sensitive; let me explain why.

In John 14:6 Jesus says "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." There is only one way to Heaven and that is Christ alone. We would love for everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Christ; we do not want anyone excluded. That is why we share the hope that Christ freely gives.

Since we know that Christ is the only way to heaven; it would truly be insensitive for us not to share Christ with the world.

I am sorry that you feel alienated.

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

That was the most judgmental and closed-minded response I could have hoped for. I am taking my business away from Hobby Lobby entirely. Asking to be accepted for who we are shouldn't be too much from a customer. You can't have another dollar of my money and I hope for your sake, you can learn to open your hearts and be truly kind and loving people, not the preachy ignorant ones you've proven yourselves to be.



I was hoping to be able to have a civil exchange with you and explain why we do what we do and answer your original email which you chose to send in. We do have “open hearts” and are “truly kind and loving people”; once again, that is why we do what we do. If we didn’t have open hearts and were kind and loving we would not tell anyone about Christ.

Let me use an analogy. Let’s say I am standing on a street corner and the person next to me (who I don’t know) steps out in to the street because they have the ‘walk’ signal. I see the walk signal BUT I also see a speeding car that is running the red light and headed right for the person next to me. Why would I not warn them? How much would I have to hate that person not to tell them of the danger they are stepping into?

We share Christ because we see the “speeding car” and want to warn people. Christ truly is the answer and he is Kind, Loving and has an open Heart. At no point in my emails have I had a closed heart, been unkind or loving in my answers to you. If you feel I have, I apologize.

If you ever in the future want to know more about Christ, please feel free to contact Need Him Ministries at 888-Need-Him. They are not affiliated with any denomination, They are people who truly Love Christ and love people.

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

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Well, they're a private business and as long as they're not discriminating against people based on religion, they're entitled to say and advertise whatever they wish. You, however, are doing EXACTLY what you should be doing by taking your money elsewhere. That's how private business works. Governments have to worry about lawsuits when they offend people, but businesses have to worry about the Almighty Dollar.
very nicely put.
Sheesh. Another idiot equating Christianity with normal life safety measures. So I guess Muslims and Hindus and Atheists are those who would step in front of a speeding car, i.e. go to hell?

What's the difference between a traffic signal and God? A traffic signal I can see and respect out of preservation for my body structure. But that damn traffic signal is still not telling me to worship it.
This is ridiculous! My GF is also an Atheist, and will now be a "former" Hobby Lobby customer.
I have only been to Hobby Lobby twice, but after reading that exchange I will never give them any of my business in the future.
Wow, I understood Hobby Lobby was a Christian company, much like Chik-fil-a. But it didn't bother me since, much like Chik-fil-a, they didn't seem to push it on anyone. Closed Sunday and selling bible mints didn't bother me any. But in light of this news, I can say that I won't shop hobby lobby any more. It's a shame, because they do have some nice stuff that the others don't sell. So it'll be Michael's or A.C. Moore for the wife and I.

I almost want to email them as well, to let them know...

I also enjoy the flawed logic of the walk light analogy. The difference arises when you realize that the car and walk signal are both visible and physically tangible. Jesus/God is nothing more than an idea not grounded in fact. If they feel it's that important to warn about finding Jesus, then they should better be equally worried about spreading the word of warning of the zombie apocalypse, let alone Allah, Invisible Pink Unicorn, Thor, etc... Of course they will never understand this difference since they are brainwashed into believing that it is not merely a concept or idea...
Fortunately, I shop at Micheal's when I need craft type things. There is a Hobby Lobby nearby, but I've never shopped there. And now I never will.
Wow, I also had a vague understanding that Hobby Lobby was a Christian business, lovingly importing and selling Chinese crap made by slave labor, but I didn't know they were using their money to "spread the word." Thanks for sharing this! It gives me one more reason to never shop there.
Let me use an analogy.

Let's say I'm a crazy person standing on a street corner. I think there are silent invisible speeding cars careening up and down the sidewalk. Should I not warn the pedestrians of this imminent danger? Should I not in fact run from person to person and push them out of the way of these silent invisible speeding cars which only I can see?

Also, they should remember Matthew 6:5...
"Stop praying in public like a freaking hypocrite just so everyone can see you."
you know, this used to drive me up the fucking wall. My parents pray in fast food joints all of the time, but the Hippocrates hardly ever pray when they eat their tv dinners at home.
Woah. That's got to be the most douche-infused reply I've ever read. How much more self-righteous could it get?

On another note, I've always felt like Hobby Lobby was a little bit Christian, but I never bothered to check. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to have to run all the businesses I frequent through a woo-detector before I go into them to see if I can continue to patronize them.

I will never, ever give them another cent. I'm so glad you posted this!


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