Coming from another discussion about HOAs (Home Owner Associations) I feel compelled to air one of my pet peeves.

I find it difficult to believe that there are thousands of communities in the U.S.A. that prohibit the hanging of clean laundry in the sun to dry. Further, lots of these communities are in the sun belt. Someone in, for instance, the Phoenix area could hang out a load of laundry, relax for five minutes with a coffee, then take the load back inside - completely dry. Instead people prefer(?) to stuff the load into a box for two hours at 2000 watts. 

And this insane behavior is actually mandated in (most?) HOA communities. Further it seems to be the default behavior for most Americans. Is that right?

Is anyone aware of any studies that have calculated how many millions of dollars a day could be saved if people simply allowed the sun to dry their clothes - for FREE?

I know this doesn't fully apply to apartment dwellers (although a lot could be done in that area as well).

Of all the friends and family I have throughout The States, only one or two use the sun to dry clothes (although many live in houses in areas in which this would be practical most of the year).

Are people seriously offended by other people's clean laundry?

Could such community bylaws stand up in court (considering the environmental impact)?

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I'd sure love to see a few lawsuits.


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