Although I greatly admire Hitchen's writings on atheism, let's not forget what a horrendous ass-hat he really was when it came to the Iraq war, neoconism, and the deaths of civilians. Hitchens would never let anyone else slide (see Mother Theresa, Princess Diana) on their moral misgivings and hypocrisies just because they're dead. How do you reconcile celebrating him with these unforgivable lapses in moral judgement? 

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So true. I was thinking about the people who have been heroes at times in my life, Henry Miller, Miles Davis, Jack Kerouac, Picasso... All achieved things I will always be inspired by and admire. As far as being good people... not so much. 

Yep! People are people and I even hesitate to classify them as simply good or bad, though some deserve such distinctions.  I think most people are generally good, though often can be jerks or hold bad beliefs.

So I can be a bastard and good?

Hitch saw Saddam Hussein as a dictator who needed to be dealt with. However if a people have not the courage to rise up and repel their dictators then what are we to do? What are we to do?

You are to mind your own business.

That is if the other alternative is to outdo Saddam Hussein in killing his own people with a ratio of 100 to 1.

Eh? So you are essentially claiming that the US killed upwards to 200 million Iraqis, or approx 10x the total population of the country?

Seriously you want to go quarreling about the precise number? You go ahead, make a proposal, I won't even bother to respond since it is guaranteed to be self-defeating beforehand.

Well, you brought it up, but I get now that, rather unsurprisingly, it was only demagogic rhetoric and not a point you are willing to argue or stick by.

That's not a number, that's a bunch of unimpressive words lacking in substance.

Then you surely must find it familiar  :)

Really, that's all?

Just write down a number, I'll be quiet and you'll have proven your point, whatever it is.

Yes, that is all.

You brought a number up, I only relayed the implications of your argument. If you wish to retract it as the moronic statement it is, then you may be my guest.




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