Although I greatly admire Hitchen's writings on atheism, let's not forget what a horrendous ass-hat he really was when it came to the Iraq war, neoconism, and the deaths of civilians. Hitchens would never let anyone else slide (see Mother Theresa, Princess Diana) on their moral misgivings and hypocrisies just because they're dead. How do you reconcile celebrating him with these unforgivable lapses in moral judgement? 

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Indeed, Hitler had many reasons for what he did, Mike.  None of those, however, involved something like taking action to save the lives of innocent Germans, about to be imprisoned or slaughtered by rampaging Jews.

Hitchens, on the other hand, by supporting the war did indirectly condone killing, but to be sure, it was the killing of a despot and his minions, who already had demonstrated their willingness to imprison, torture, gas and murder the innocents of their own nation over a period of decades that he had personally witnessed

That is a terribly unequal comparison. For starters, the Iraqi's were not on the verge of committing genocide against Americans, which is the inverse of the premise you'd might extend to Hitler to even the scales. And the idea that internal strife and suffering is justification, then I have to ask why Hitchens didn't make an even bigger case for war against North Korea.  Maybe he did, but I can;t recall him being as vocal about it as he was about Iraq.

"..the Iraqi's were not on the verge of committing genocide against Americans..."

Which is why the Bush administration had to resort to creating the illusion this was the case. I remember vividly the sudden boom in the duct tape trade by Americans. Three people died while sealing their house in fear of the impending Iraqi invasion. There was this giant mushroom cloud shot by Condoreezza Lies from her smoking gun. And there was endless, endless, endless tales of infinite amounts of weapons of mass destruction on hair-trigger alert, going to be dropped on us if Saddam Hussein felt either sickly or giddy or in case he lost a game of checkers with one of his sons.

Ugh!  Don't remind me! 

Actually, I wish I could forget. Sometimes.

Someone wrote:  "..the Iraqi's were not on the verge of committing genocide against Americans..."

Albert replied:  Which is why the Bush administration had to resort to creating the illusion this was the case.

@ Albert - Illusion, my ass hat. I for one, was terrified at what was pulled off on 911. On that day, there was a window of time where it seemed the world might end. It was one of the scariest days of my life.

But that's just me.

Since that has nothing to do with anything I'll take it as you just wanted to get that off your chest.

@ Albert - Ugh. Bad guy hit good guy, UGH.  Good guy hit bad guy back, UGH.  Hitchens on good guy side, UGH.

Does that make it any clearer for you?

No, it doesn't at all. And it still hasn't got anything to do with either the Americans never being on the verge of going extinct through an impending Iraqi invasion, never being threatened by an Iraqi attack of weapons of mass destruction, let alone a nuclear holocaust or any of the other lies being made up to so successfully instill war fever in the American public 2002-2003.

I hate to point out that neither had Iraq anything to do with 911 nor was it by any stretch of the imagination a genocide. So in your terminology I suppose I have to answer back that bad guy hit good guy, good guy puts blindfold on and starts hitting lots of people having nothing to do with it, Hitchens cheering him on. Ugh.

Does that make it any clearer to you?

Being a freethinker does not exclude you from the possibility of being a ass-hat.  Not saying he was or wasn't. Just pointing out the flaw in that premise. Often times, ass-hattery is in the eye of the beholder.

So true. I was thinking about the people who have been heroes at times in my life, Henry Miller, Miles Davis, Jack Kerouac, Picasso... All achieved things I will always be inspired by and admire. As far as being good people... not so much. 

Yep! People are people and I even hesitate to classify them as simply good or bad, though some deserve such distinctions.  I think most people are generally good, though often can be jerks or hold bad beliefs.

So I can be a bastard and good?

Hitch saw Saddam Hussein as a dictator who needed to be dealt with. However if a people have not the courage to rise up and repel their dictators then what are we to do? What are we to do?


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