Is JUST around the corner. I'm wondering for those of you who are going to have a shot of JWB... or those of you who will have to settle for the gas station bought single shot of tequila rose, lol...what are your favorite videos/quotes etc... the best of the best... of Hitchens...


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He makes her sound obscene doesn't he ....

he's good at exposing the worst in someone.



The sad thing is that I'm sure Mother Teresa herself didn't see the Truth he exposed by making that statement. When I was a Christian I didn't know anything about being empowered, that's for sure.

Done in the name of religion No! Done as part of the religion. A slightly different debate here.

and a short truism that I love.

Thanks kOrsan, that was a great clip :)

"liked" kOrsan

Indeed it's the day of both Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Jefferson.

I like Hitchens, but I think celebrating Hitchen's day and stuff like that is elevating to cult like worship of him. This is how cults are born. That's just my opinion


Yep - to be honest - the idea of a 'Hitchens day is a bit much.

Having a toast to recognize a man's achievements is not a cult. Nobody is on their knees or lighting candles. That may happen later that night if I am lucky, but for other reasons.

That's understandable, so when are you going to have a toast to celebrate Adam's day?

Why particularly him, not me or anyone else?

Because when I read Hitchen's book, I was finally able to give up my crush on Mother Theresa.


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Things you hate.

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