Is JUST around the corner. I'm wondering for those of you who are going to have a shot of JWB... or those of you who will have to settle for the gas station bought single shot of tequila rose, lol...what are your favorite videos/quotes etc... the best of the best... of Hitchens...


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Yep - to be honest - the idea of a 'Hitchens day is a bit much.

Having a toast to recognize a man's achievements is not a cult. Nobody is on their knees or lighting candles. That may happen later that night if I am lucky, but for other reasons.

That's understandable, so when are you going to have a toast to celebrate Adam's day?

Why particularly him, not me or anyone else?

Because when I read Hitchen's book, I was finally able to give up my crush on Mother Theresa.

Oh Robert, how you blaspheme!  I am sure blasphemy should not make me feel as warm and fuzzy as it does.  Just one more thing to tell my therapist about.....

It would be an interesting cult to be in where we all liked to think for ourselves, had our own opinions and saw religion as a poison. Maybe someone should setup a website based on those ideals and we could join it.  "Think like a non-believer” or something like that might be a good name? Any suggestions? :-)

Interesting point. But we are not gathering here to celebrate one particular person, now are we?

It's a day to say a toast to someone you admire, nothing more, and it's certainly not exclusive; many university science departments celebrate Darwin day with all day lecture series and the like.  No Hitchens thunderbolt is expected to come out of the sky because I gave my devotion to Darwin on 12 February; he's not a jealous nonGod.

(As an aside Darwin and Abraham Lincoln not only both have February 12 as a birthday, it's in the same year too, 1809.)

I am in this case. It is a post called "Hitchens Day". Nobody is being forced to take part in it.

Feel free to setup an Adam's Day if you wish. :-)



I wish you didn't force me to watch that and enjoy it Reg ;)




how about

Understanding Infidels ...



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