Hit and Run Christian David Mbaus Runs Quickly!

I've added a Word Document to this discussion. You can find the full conversation that I'm referring to in that document. It's to recap what happens when Christians whom are disingenuous come here to "own" Atheists. I like to call them hit and runs. I'm more than happy to have polite conversations. I've done it for weeks on end sometimes, and in some strange manners. But I enjoy engaging. Much like many believers look at me and can't understand, I am looking back the same, but the discussion is where we meet in the middle and find a better world for everyone. 

This morning a coward came on here and posted a discussion. I read it and found that part of it was Ray Comfort related. The "author" didn't know this. I had posted a response, then he called me ignorant for having retorted about Ray because he hadn't "written" about him. He insulted me for no reason but his own ignorance. The whole thing was a copy and paste that is on Goggle 3310 times. He wasn't the author. He was an idiot whom was impressed by the article. I quickly responded letting him know that I knew about the copy and paste and who he was. I copy and pasted the posts to a doc right away because I've ran across these cowards before. We should almost put a forum up for these posts. When you delete your profile, it deletes all content. Sadly for David Mbaus of New York, I had saved it prior to his deleting it. It's here as long as I will it David. If you'd like to re-engage in a discussion, I can be quite civil. Just don't be a coward and an A-hole. 

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Just goes to show that one needs a highly developed brain to reach such lowly depths of stupidity.

Yeah, I didn't make any promises about being nice.
David Mbaus = David Mabus

He was posting the same cut-n-paste a couple weeks ago.
Yep. I recognized him immediately. He didn't even attempt to disguise himself.
Nice! Thanks Dave! That helped. He also goes by Dennis Markuze out of Montreal apparently. If you look at the post I had linked to an article by him just before he ran. He's been hitting sites all over the place. There is no place left to run sir. You need a new alias.

What a nutball. I just hope that he isn't torturing and killing small animals at the moment. Or dressing up as his dead mother. But, I wouldn't be surprised, either.
I guess someone pulled the plug, hm?


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