I was debating the other day, regarding the nature of rap music and hip hop, and the topic got opened up to the nature of rap music as a form of poetry. With my limited knowledge of poetry, and my curiosity for hip hop, I made the connection of poetry and hip hop as a "Deeper" meaning and a reflection of reality. My definition of poetry is rather rough, but I am attempting to bridge the two for a deeper rhetorical analysis of the language used in both of those ideas, and getting to another question of whether or not rap is a distinct member within the hip hop culture and whether or not the issues of "Rap Image" are being hindered by the media.


To begin with hip hop has become the dominant cultural image (?) of our generation. To say hip hop and poetry are one in the same would be tough to represent. As hip hop contains elements of poetry, not all poetry contains elements of hip hop, and there is the possibility they are completely distinct from another. So the biggest question to tackle is whether or not we can identify, and come to agree upon, a technical definition of poetry and hip hop, and using that definition as a means to analyze their appropriate natures.


First opening questions:

1.) Hip Hop is a ________ that _________


2.) Poetry is a________ that _____________


Somehow my goal would be to have the two definitions coalesce in a neat package, although, being that these two forms are ephemeral, as I said before, their meanings are never definitive and slowly that would break down into a question in the philosophy of language. One other question I want to pose is whether or not "Hip Hop" and "Rap" are distinct from each other, or one in the same, or one coincides within the other (as rap may be the case in my opinion)?


If there is a distinct difference between 'Rap' and 'Hip Hop' (or not), the question I REALLY want to answer is, how does the media portray this culture of rap or hip hop, and are they portraying them as distinct members or as one in the same? And, who or what idea is behind that portrayal, and what is their purpose for portraying those images/messages?


AND (if there wasnt enough already) can someone show me how to Dougie?

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