Football is liberal socialist vs baseball which is conservative capitalist with some wonderful off-color jokes along the way:

Your thoughts?

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That's very witty and "on the ball".

Yeah, he was "tackling" several issues and I for one can't cry "foul" at all.

Huh, I thought Strega and Diane would be all over this....

It's about damn time somebody explained what the hell socialism is on tv! I'm sick of people bitching about fair solutions that get proposed as being "socialist". It's about being fair. The problem I have, and much of the country has, is that "voting with your wallet" doesn't fucking work. Right now, as I right this, in the free market, I have exactly zero votes. I'm dead broke untill payday, and much of that will go to bill collectors. The Walton family, owners of Walmart, have several billion votes between them. In fact, these 6 people have nearly 20% of all the votes in the country. You can't tell me that that is fair, not as a system of government. Life isn't fair, The world isn't fair. But Human beings have the ability to make it fair, at least to an extent. Take the greed goggles off, and join the human race.

I could not agree more.  The far right has coopted the word socialism and made it into a vile thing that invokes knee jerk reactions.

Socialism is a way of being fair.  To use your example, there is no way that the Walton family should have more "votes" than anyone else just because of their money.  Did they earn it?  I have no way of knowing.  I will say that there is not a person on this planet who can do anything which warrants payment of a billion dollars.  Or  several million for that matter.

Capitalism will reward those who through savvy and hard work successfully play the money game. But more fail than succeed. I am not sure how one can put a dollar amount on the financial reward limits of a successful entrepreneur. Bill Gates is one of the world's most generous philanthropists; the Gates Foundation does a remarkable amount of work to aid the poor and his goal to eliminate many diseases is noteworthy. His example is perhaps not the common one among the super rich. And I don't defend exorbitant earnings and tax shelters used by many of the plutocracy.

Capitalism has given most Americans a very comfortable lifestyle comparatively speaking. My problem with it (capitalism) is that there is no morality or concern for those on the lower rungs of the ladder to success. Workers deserve a respectable income and if you look at the charts for the past twenty-thirty years earnings for the blue collar crowd has fallen while overall profits for corporations have shot skyward. The middle class should be renamed to the Service Class.

Actually there's only 3 family heirs still alive: Alice, Jim, & Rob. Combined those three have an estimated net worth of only around $54 billion.

Not sure what you mean by the "20% of all votes in the country" bit.

I got confused by my own data. Getting pissed off about economic stupidity does that to me. The Waltons have 20% of the 54% of US money that belongs to the top .01% of people in this country. Their company makes them this kind of coin by crushing unions, purchasing from slave companies over seas, hiring only part time, minimum wage workers, and driving smaller, homegrown companies out of business.

The top .01% of Americans consists of about 400 people. The remaining 99.99% consists of 313 million people, with 80% of them owning only 24% of all the money in the country.

I just made two graphs, one showing the relation ship of the money each group has, the other showing the size of each group. First, the money.

Fifty four percent is an awful lot of green. Lets see how large the group is that has that amount of money.

Not even enough people in that group to even show a line of green pixels.

I think a good litmus test for any idea is to break the idea down into language that a five year old can understand, and then ask them. An adult will nod enthusiastically when you explain the concept of interest to them, but when you break it down for a five year old, that five year old will look you dead in the eyes and say, "So you share money with someone, and then when they're done with it, they give you back more than what you shared? That's fucked up."


"The Walton family, owners of Walmart, have several billion votes between them. In fact, these 6 people have nearly 20% of all the votes in the country."

Can you send me the phone # of your dealer, that must be some good shit you just smoked. "...several billion votes..."???

Voting with your wallet. The votes in that analogy are really dollars. In a "free" market, the richer you are, the easier it is to drown out the voice of others and to get your own way.

Screw Bill Gates and the Waltons too, Bill lives in a 7 story mansion on Lake Washington in Seattle while people die living under bridges in his own town.  The human race will not solve it's problems until it solves it's own greed, capitalism is just an extension of our own personal greed.

Every single person want's to win the lottery and none of us would refuse the money if we won.  Greed is our sin (sic.) it is our crime against all who will come after, future generations will suffer greatly because of our selfishness.


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